The pursuit of...Christmas

Well, my home is ready for Christmas and so am I!
I cannot believe it is Christmas eve, eve (!) already - I am sure it has been said a thousand times already...but. where has this year gone??

Today was my last day at work before
returning in the New Year and now I can completely disconnect and enjoy the festivities!

My beautiful Christmas wreath that I brought from my local town flower boutique

It's a first for me also this year to have gift wrapped all my presents before Christmas eve!!
I finished the last of the wrapping yesterday - I am normally up until nearly midnight on Xmas eve frantically wrapping....believe me, the novelty wears off pretty quickly by that point!!

So, let me wish all of you who are celebrating a very Merry Christmas!  Eat, drink, (instagram it all!) and be merry!!

Love, Ivy George x 

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