The pursuit of...Christmas

Well, my home is ready for Christmas and so am I!
I cannot believe it is Christmas eve, eve (!) already - I am sure it has been said a thousand times already...but. where has this year gone??

Today was my last day at work before

The pursuit of...A Winter Wonderland

I finally made it to Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland after all these years!
Every year I have aimed to get down there, but never quite

The pursuit of...Home Baking (5) (Wholemeal Chili Cheese Scone/Biscuits)

You know those moments in the evening when you just fancy something savoury?...
Well, the other evening I had one of those cravings and as I didn't have anything in to satisfy the crave , I decided to rustle up some wholemeal chili cheese scone biscuits.
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