The pursuit of...A new hairstyle

I finally did it...I went for the chop!

All summer I had been 'umming' and 'ahhing' about the decision.  As we all know,
it takes a certain face shape to get away with a short hair style.
Were my cheeks too chubby, was my face too round, was my forehead too big (!)...all these thoughts were making me hesitant until finally, I took the leap.

A few months ago, I did a post talking about how much I love a short and chic crop (see it here).
I've always liked TV presenter, Emma Willis's haircuts and after a bit of investigation (good old google!) I found out that Emma's hairdresser was Megan Stevens of Jamie Stevens Hair salon based in Kensington. I booked an appointment in August and deep breath, off I went!

I had been using a bonded weave for a few months and was starting to worry that my hair (especially my edges) were going to get damaged.  So rather then doing a 'sew in' weave as I get far too bored easily to have the same style for too long, I thought I'd give my hair a break.

Jamie Stevens is named after the man himself, celebrity hairdresser and XFactor resident hairdresser for the last four years (last year was the teams final season working with the programme) and Megan Stevens is his lovely wife.

What a lovely experience I had at the salon!
It's quite small, split over two floors with the most relaxing full body massage chairs at the backwash - sooo relaxing!
Megan was lovely and we had a good old gossip discussing everything from XFactor and Big Brother all the way through to the best juicing diets!
She mentioned that a lot of people have seeked her out because of her work with Emma Willis and although I didn't want to go as short as Emma's crop, she immediately understood the look I was after during our consultation.

I love my new haircut!! I feel so chic and just that little bit more edgier! :)

It's funny but when your hair is shorter you find that you really have to re-assess your whole wardrobe, as there's certain things that suit longer hair better and vice versa!
I find myself wearing more blazers and tee's now with jeans which look so much cooler with a short, sharp bob.
I also wear my Burberry cape a lot now which didn't look as good with longer hair for some reason! (see below)

Yes, I do pull the same pose all the time!! 
When I feel like I need a change, I may insert some clip in's for added length, but no more bonding glue for me! Healthy hair journey all the way!

P.s I will have a new post for you every Sunday - don't forget to check back in next week :)

For more info on Jamie Stevens Hair see here.

Clothes in photo's:

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Pic 3. Burberry Brit Safe From The Storm T Shirt £125
Pic 4. Burberry Prorsum Cotton Gabardine Trench Cape £895 Get it here on Net-A-Porter.

Love, Ivy George x


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