The pursuit of...Being Mary Jane

Move over Kerry Washington, there's a new girl crush in town!
Yes, Gabrielle Union, or Mary Jane Paul as we now know her in hit BET series 'Being Mary Jane' is my new, all time fave girl.

Please tell me you've been watching it too?! 

Just in case you haven't, here's a little synopsis....

Being Mary Jane, centres around the life of successful news anchor (or newsreader as we Brits would call it) Mary Jane Paul.
Daughter of a successful former airline CEO, Mary Jane shows her warts and all life as she searches for Mr. Right; From dating/love life disasters, career predicaments, family strife to her relationships with her friends.

It covers everything it seems, (honestly no subject is taboo) and what I love about it most is all women will be able to identify (and laugh along) with elements of her story.
From her taking out her weave and then 'shock horror' finding out that her hairdresser is no longer available to put it back in, or her spout of adult bed wetting due to emotional stress to frantically washing her knickers in her new love interests bathroom sink when she thinks she might be about to  have sex with's all very 'out there'. 
It's all very refreshing...

Not to mention that she is also a very successful, independent, stylish and good looking woman. 

She's our next Carrie Bradshaw, Olivia Pope, Blair Waldorf...

I also love her off screen. Gabrielle Union who I must admit, I never really warmed to before (it must be something to do with that awful movie "Bring it on" cringey...although this film did catapult her into the mainstream) but since then I have found her off screen persona very likeable.
Also her and her gorgeous husband Dwyane Wade, are the new 'it couple' for me...don't they just look like the perfect pairing??

*Photos courtesy of Instagram

Well if you haven't seen it yet, you can catch Being Mary Jane on Mondays 10pm on BET.
I'll guarantee you'll be addicted too like me!

Love, Ivy George

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