The pursuit of...A momentary pause

So.....I have had a bit of a social media pause.

I needed a break. 

I needed to be free from the iPhone camera. Free from filtering, cropping, rotating…...#hashtagging.
Free from instagram and twitter notifications.  
Free from checking blog stats and tweaking page layouts.


Don't get me wrong – I love my blog.  However, as with everything I care about (I am a perfectionist), it slowly started to consume me.

I wanted to just eat a really nice meal (while it was still piping hot) without taking hundreds of pictures of it ‘in the right light’.
I wanted to walk through my beautiful park full of new spring blooms without thinking about whipping out my camera.

By writing this blog, it suddenly dawned on me how ‘digital’ we have all become.

How silly the feeling that if I haven’t ‘checked in’ on Facebook at Claridges Hotel (even if it was just to use the loo!) I have missed out on an opportunity. 
Or feeling ridiculously disappointed about being out with friends and really enjoying myself (so much so that I forget to take photos) thus not having any ‘blogging material’ to write about later.

It became frustrating….which then felt like a chore…. so..... a much needed break was on the cards.

The 'pause' coincided with a brand new job that I had just started at the beginning of this year.

I finally left the airline industry (which I loved) after 15 years and took a senior training role in the fashion industry.
Funnily enough, I believe it was starting this blog that led me to my dream job.
It gave me the courage to look beyond what I knew and what I was comfortable with and realise my passion for being creative.

I have had so many blog worthy/camera ready moments since starting my job at the fabulous headquarters of Burberry, that had I not have had social media burnout, I would have had some fantastic posts!!
But even that couldn't persuade me. 
I wanted to live the moments with my real eyes instead of having to ‘report back’…..
And besides, I have been working super hard in my new role that my feet have hardly touched the ground!

But now I am back!....What’s changed, I hear you ask??

Well for one, I happened to flick through The Pursuit Of Ivy George’s instagram photo’s at the weekend and it really made me smile.  I missed it.  
Yes, my blog is not huge (and compared to the really successful blogs out there, I really have nothing to worry about in terms of managing it) but I do have loyal readers and followers and I realised that you were still there waiting patiently or checking every now and then to see if there were any updates.

That is a really nice feeling.  And the fact is, I have many more posts to give.

So although I may not post daily, I will be posting weekly from now on (more likely on the weekends) and perhaps even a cheeky midweek post every now and then.

Next month my blog will be celebrating being 1 year old already!
That's a long time in 'blogging years!'

I'm looking forward to reviving 'the pursuit'...hope you stick around for the journey.

Love, Ivy George x 

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