The pursuit of...London commuting

So....I am back in the world of commuting via tubes and trains.  
After years of sitting on the eternal carparks of the dreaded M25 or A406 I was so happy to give
my car (and mileage) a break when I changed jobs recently and swap it all for an oyster card.
It is so nice to sit back, take in the views, read a book etc. and let someone else take the strain!

However, as with everything, the novelty wears off after a while (!) and I couldn't help but notice there are little things that are actually quite stressful about commuting on the tube!!

I thought it would be fun to compile my Top 10 'bugbears' of London here goes:

1. The silent stress of standing up whilst reading a newspaper and trying to turn a page without falling spectacularly into a heap on someone...(so you just read the same paragraph over and over again until the train stops safely!!...or is that just me?!?)

2. Gazing innocently into the reflection of the dark tube windows and then 'shock-horror' locking eyes with a stranger...again and again....and again...

3. People completely forgetting where they are and getting stuck into picking their nose/teeth/ears...!

4. When standing, not being able to find enough space on the pole to hold on to and then inadvertently touching someones hand....big no no!

5. Random people just hardcore staring...(and then not turning away when you catch them!).

6. The silent battle of eyeing up spare seat opportunities...If i'm standing in front of a seat that becomes vacant am I entitled to it?....or should I offer it to the person stood in front of me who was technically here first??...ooh the dramas of seat grabbing tube etiquette!!

7. My tube line has quite a considerable amount of stations overground which is great for mobile signal (texts/emails etc.) but there's always that one person who decides it's the perfect opportunity to have a full blown telephone conversation....No, I'm sorry, unless it's urgent (someone's died for example), it can wait until you're off the tube!!

8. Eating anything more than a mint is not acceptable... 
Rustling crisp packets (not to mention Cheese & Onion breath) Sandwiches/Chocolate bars and dare I say it KFC?? (have you seen how dirty the tube is? How can you bare to touch any food items before washing your hands??).

9. Anyone who attempts to make conversation with a stranger.  Please respect the British culture, this is not the New York subway.... ;-)

10.  And finally...reading someone else's free newspaper over their shoulder.  Really please, this is just so annoying!  THEY ARE FREE, GET YOUR OWN!!  :-)

So do you agree with any of my observations above?!  Do you have any of your own to share?

Till next time,

Love, Ivy George x 

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