The pursuit of...A celebratory dinner

On friday I went out to dinner in London's Canary Wharf to a restaurant called Plateau.
Oh my goodness, it was such an amazing dining experience!  The location of docklands is always a favourite for me - the skyline, the exclusivity, the electric buzz that is always in the air when it springs to life at night....

Plateau is situated on the 4th floor of Canada Place and we were sat in the main restaurant by the window which gives stunning panoramic views over Canary Wharf - the view was even more special as the ice-rink is still present in the square and it was all lit up with fairy lights...It really felt like I was in New York or Shanghai - simply stunning (see below):

But it is not just about the views - the restaurant itself is also fabulous.  The front part is the bar and grill where the vibe is a little less formal and relaxed.
The main restaurant where we had our reservation is elegant and visually breathtaking - it also has a private dining room and an outdoor terrace which would be perfect to come back for in the summer.

As always on a Thursday or Friday evening in the city, the restaurant was very busy but the staff were super professional, attentive, friendly and engaging and made our visit even more special.

I was here to celebrate my new job and it was the perfect celebratory meal - I will definitely be going back to Plateau again.

What I ate:

Starter: House cured Scottish Salmon. heritage beetroot, Dorset crab, Oyster emulsion

Main: Suffolk Lamb canon, spiced shoulder, saffron cous cous

Dessert: Lemon cheesecake, rhubarb jelly, poached rhubarb

To find out more about Plateau see here.

Love, Ivy George x

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