The pursuit of...London nightlife

Last Friday I went to Gilgamesh in London's Camden.  I haven't been 'clubbing' in a long time so it was nice to get out and about.

I wore a gorgeous sequinned dress from TopShop that was reduced in the sale from £68 to £30 (bargain!). It has a really lovely, soft, velvety texture and is completely covered in black sequins. It felt lovely to wear and it went brilliantly with my metallic silver shoes from Zara (see The pursuit of...Shoes, Sparkle and Festive Fun).

I have been looking for a pastel powder-blue coat for absolute ages!! and I found this beautiful one (below) in TK Maxx recently.  I have got so many compliments from complete strangers every time I have worn it and it was another brilliant bargain too.  It is from a company called Covent Garden which I have never heard of before and it is my new favourite coat!  It went fabulously with my outfit and gave it that wintery ice blue look perfect for the season.

Sequinned dress: Topshop, Metallic pumps: Zara, Coat: Tk Maxx

It was my first time to Gilgamesh. I have been to Shaka Zulu before which is the club right next door to it. We were in the VIP Babylon Suite which is very decadent with wooden carvings and little table booths shrouded with red voile.
Escalators from the cobbled street entrance took us up to where the famous pan-Asian restaurant is located and we walked through this enchanting little area to the suite.
I had a great time dancing to old school R&B classics and even a little bit of Calypso at the end (I felt like I was at NottingHill Carnival!).

Resting my tired feet after dancing the night away!

The imposing Gilgamesh in Stables Market, Camden

Camden is such a great place in London for nightlife and for really getting that unique London vibe.
It has many great clubs to choose from including: Koko, Proud (I went to Proud Cabaret last year for dinner and a show and that was an interesting experience!), Jazz CafĂ© and Shaka Zulu.
Just beware of those pesky cobbled stones and heels ladies!!

Till next time,

Love, Ivy George x

The pursuit of...Ice Skating in the City

The start to the New Year for me has been a busy one.
I have got a very exciting time ahead of me as I am starting a brand new job in the fashion industry very soon! It is an amazing opportunity and I hope to share it here on my blog when the time is right and I am settled in!

So the last couple of weeks, I have been super busy preparing and of course celebrating with my friends and family.

I never had a chance to visit Winter Wonderland or do any of the Christmas markets over the festive period and I really wanted to try and go Ice-Skating, so I was very pleased to discover that there was still an Ice Rink open in London at the heart of the City in Canary Wharf (above).

I am not very graceful on the ice!!

I haven't gone skating in a LONG TIME and was worried that I had forgotten how to skate!
The rink at Canary Wharf is set in a beautiful location. Surrounded by all the city skyscrapers, the rink is almost like it is in the middle of a metropolis. 
Unlike other venues, this rink also has a skate path which is overhung by lovely fairy light trees - as I was there in the evening it felt like magical Narnia with all the lights and sparkle as I skated through it.

For those who are more like Bambi on Ice then Torvill and Dean (!) there is a an onsite bar and restaurant called Q Grill which has an outside terrace where you can watch all the activity from.
The inside of the bar is really quite chic (exactly what you would expect from a location in the heart of the City) and is a great place to meet for drinks and nibbles before going on the ice.

Its a great venue - surrounded by bars and restaurants (we ate at Wahaca afterwards), I would definitely go there again.  It's open until the 28th February.

Love, Ivy George x

The pursuit of...Jourdan Dunn & Vogue

It is a good time for woman of colour in the modelling and fashion industry at the moment. 
Jourdan Dunn has become the first black model to grace a solo UK cover of Vogue in 12 years!!
It is unbelievable that in this day and age we are still writing about this as a momentous occasion.

Although there have been celebrities on the front cover of British Vogue like Beyoncé and Rihanna, there has not been a single black model doing a solo cover since Naomi Campbell in August 2002...

A screenshot of an excited Jourdan Dunn's Instagram message to her followers. 

That is quite an eye-opener and one that I must admit I wasn't even aware of.  What is apparent though is the lack of female black models on the runway and for major fashion brands. 
Apparently Naomi Campbell, Iman and Bethann Hardison amongst others, penned an open letter to The British Fashion Council in 2013 raising the matter and their concerns (below).

No matter the intention, the result is racism," it read. "Not accepting another based on the colour of their skin is clearly beyond aesthetic when it is consistent with the designer's brand. Whether it's the decision of the designer, stylist or casting director, that decision to use basically all white models reveals a trait that is unbecoming to modern society.

Hopefully, things are changing though and I am so happy to see that the iconic British fashion house Burberry, has used not one but two black models to front their Spring/Summer 2015 campaign.

Naomi Campbell and the lovely Jourdan Dunn were chosen by Burberry's Christopher Bailey to fly the flag and they both look amazing (below). 

I felt a real sense of pride seeing this campaign and almost felt like it was very symbolic - almost as if Naomi is now handing the 'Supermodel' baton over to Jourdan. 

I really hope that this isn't a one-off and we will see more of this representation across the fashion world soon.

I'm off now to buy my copy of Vogue - make sure you get yours too!...Buy two or three even and give it to a friend!
Lets make this issue one of the biggest selling and show that fashion sells no matter what the skin tone of the model is!!

Love, Ivy George x

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