The pursuit of...Shoes, Sparkle and Festive Fun!

I love shiny accessories! Whether its patent, embellished or metallic, like a magpie, as soon as I see the twinkle, I am all over it!
When I saw these metallic silver shoes in Zara, again, it was LOVE at first sight for me.  They looked almost like a slick, shiny bullet or dart and looked fabulous with my skinny black cigarette pants.

As I am so fussy, I opted to buy them online as the pair I tried on in store had a few (minor!) scuffs on them.
They finally arrived yesterday in all their glory and they are even more shinier (yay!!) - they are so reflective, I could probably use it as mirror too! (I joke!...sort of...)

These shoes are definitely a statement shoe and deserve to take centre stage of an outfit. 
I will be wearing these with a pared down monochrome outfit - i.e. black skinny jeans and a white shirt or my trusted black cigarette pants (which I love!) with a slouchy off the shoulder jumper in either black or muted grey.

By the way....Happy December!!
I was busy putting up my Christmas decorations last night so I was surrounded by sparkle everywhere!!
I ended up putting up my tree whilst wearing these shoes and singing along to Christmas songs at the top of my voice!....I was having a great time!....might have had something to do with that Baileys on the rocks I was also drinking!....ahhh I do LOVE Christmas!! ;-)

Have you got into the festive spirit yet?

Love, Ivy George x

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