The pursuit of...A Liverpool Weekend

A few weeks ago I went to Liverpool for the weekend for a friends birthday. 
It was only the second time that I had been to Liverpool - the first was back in 2008 when it was named as the Culture Capital.   
I must admit I am not well travelled around the UK regions which is a travesty really. It's funny when I think about it considering how many places I have been as an ex 'trolley dolly', but all that time spent in other countries and cities meant I neglected good old blighty!
It's on my checklist to at some point visit the Isle of Wight, Cornwall, Cotswolds, Edinburgh and Dublin.

I went to Liverpool with a group of friends and we stayed at Roscoe House on Rodney Street (below)
which is at the heart of the georgian quarter.
Roscoe House is a historic georgian building and is on a road which apparently is famous for plastic surgery....and for being haunted (which I am so glad I only found out about on check out from the receptionist as I would not have slept a wink in that bed!!).
The rooms have been restored to emulate it's original historic splendour, however we found it to be a bit gaudy...fake baroque style chandeliers and mirrors which just looked cheap and tacky - it would have been better if they invested in the real thing or not at all! 
There was a grand piano in my room though which was very impressive although on further investigation it was severely out of tune....apparently it was out of tune 'on purpose' so as to put people off from playing it and waking guests...or so reception told us...(to be honest I think we were just annoying the hell out of them as we kept playing chopsticks on it!)

The foyer of Roscoe House

The supposedly haunted Roscoe House...where I stayed!

My room with the out of tune grand piano!

The weather was unusually warm for up north! So before heading back to London we did a bit of sightseeing and headed to the Albert Dock.
I love this part of Liverpool! It always reminds me of Richard and Judy when 'This Morning' used to be located here and Fred Talbot, the weather man would jump around the floating map! - That area is instantly recognisable as soon as you see it (below).

I've always wanted to visit the International Slavery Museum which is located at the Merseyside Maritime Museum and I took a chance on this visit to do so.  I'm very glad I did - it was a very thought provoking and sobering look at the atlantic slave trade and how one of the UK's busiest ports, Liverpool, also played their role in it. It's definitely a must-see as although time has moved on, it's still important not to forget what millions of enslaved people went through during that awful period of history.

Some other photos from my day in Liverpool below:

So yes, Liverpool was good to us weather wise and culture wise.  Perhaps I should see what Manchester has to offer one weekend...not now though....maybe next year when the weather is a bit warmer!! - us southerners are not tough enough for a northern winter!! ;-)

Love, Ivy George x

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