The pursuit of Giselle and Chanel No.5

Last month, I blogged about how much I love the new Christian Dior J'Adore Dior mini film starring Charlize Theron and showed my favourites from their campaigns over the years (see it here).

Well, this month, it is the turn of Chanel who have released their newest mini film commercial for the iconic Chanel No5 fragrance....and I love it!!

This time the face of the brand is the beautiful Gisele Bundchen and Baz Luhrmann has again taken the reins to direct the production.  The result as you would expect is stunning...(see below).
The advert or film, feels like a trailer to a hollywood movie, which is the trademark style Baz Luhrmann gave to the first mini-film ten years ago when he directed Nicole Kidman.

I really love this film and feel Giselle was the right casting to play the role of today's Chanel woman.
Along with the soundtrack - the haunting reworking of the classic Grease number "The One That I Want", the whole production is just beautiful.

In terms of the Chanel fragrances, I must say my favourite campaigns are for Chanel No.5 rather than the Keira Knightley films for Coco Mademoiselle etc.

I'll leave you with another classic that is a favourite of mine from Chanel starring Marilyn Monroe who famously immortalised the fragrance and arguably put it firmly in the history books (below).

What do you think of the new mini-film for Chanel?

Love, Ivy George x

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