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The other day I was out shopping and I heard some young teenage girls in the changing cubicle next to me.  First of all they were discussing a 'friend' at school who hadn't sat with them at lunch that day... and then came the big topic - a text message from a 'boy'.  There was lots of agonising and speculation as to what this boy meant by ending the text with the immortal words "See you around".... 
Goodness! We have all been there haven't we?!....No matter what age you are, there are some things that just don't get any easier.  
But then, (as I sat on the stool in the Zara changing room), I got to thinking...what would I have wanted to know back then at 13/14 years old, that I know now?

What would I tell my younger self now?

So, I compiled a list and here's my ten things that I wish I knew back then:

1. Your eyebrows are just fine as they are! - Why oh why did I mess around with my eyebrows. From overplucking to even doing the dreaded razor lines a la Vanilla Ice and Kriss Kross (yes I'm a 80's baby!).  They never fully recovered!...

2. Don't get your belly button pierced - Ok, I was a little older than 13/14 years old, but I did get this done, didn't look after it properly, it got infected and it hurt like hell!

3. Don't perm your hair... I had a curly perm. It never looked good. End of story.

4. Look after your teeth. I had braces through most of my younger years.  I think I had them removed at about 14 - I even had to wear a head brace thing to bed! So I've always been conscious of my teeth.  So many people now have costly veneers etc when really, visiting a dentist and hygienist regularly may have combated the need of that.

5. There is life after your first love... Simple as that.

6. Not everyone will like you and not everyone will matter... I remember spending a lot of time  worrying at school about things like this but you quickly realise as you get older that this is the one thing that you can not control.  You will never be everyone's cup of tea...and that's ok.

7. Save more than you spend!...Oh I wish I put this one into practice! I remember spending all of my part time jobs salary on clothes and going out! Having some savings, no matter how big or small, gives you some financial independence, security and freedom.  Much better to have that at 21 then a wardrobe full of stuff that you no longer wear.

8. Pay attention in your maths class!... I detested maths and resigned myself to the fact that I was not good at it. Yes, you won't need algebra when you leave school and Pythagoras' theorem won't help you when you're trying to work out a bargain during the sales! But when trying to buy a house for goodness, it helps if you know percentages, how to work out interest rates and just basic multiplication without having to rely on a calculator!

9. Learn how to sew... If you can fix that hem on your dress or know how to sew an extra button hole into your shirts...the world, my friend, is your oyster...!

10. Have fun...Those days of no responsibilities and care-free living are short.  Enjoy them while you can, don't be too quick to grow up...there is plenty of time for settling down and babies when you're older. Try new things and don't follow the crowd! :)

What would you tell your younger self?

Love, Ivy George x

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