The pursuit of...Foodie Heaven - Borough Market

Yesterday, I made a trip to London's most famous food market - Borough Market.
I have always wanted to go here and as I had a rare weekend free, me and a friend decided to visit this glorious foodie haven, under the railway arches of nearby London Bridge station.

It is a really buzzing, atmospheric place and stimulates all of your senses.  You have the smells of all the savoury and sweet foods, the vibrant colours of cured hams, pastries and cakes, cheeses etc, the rumbling roar of the trains passing overhead and of course the chance to taste and sample the many delicacies on offer...this is London at its very best.

My friend and I couldn't resist buying a massive Bratwurst sausage with all the trimmings (above) to share between us from The German Deli Ltd.  It was soooo good! I've never had one before and you can definitely see why this is so popular.  So flavoursome! A whole one would have definitely been too much though!!

Delicious Paella, Thai seafood curry and Chicken curry (above and below).  This stall also did an amazing salt and pepper squid dish which was made fresh in front of you.  Again, me and my friend just had to try it! I think it might just be the best squid I have ever tasted...and I've had a lot of's one of my favourites! (below).

This squid/calamari dish was to die for!  So fresh and just the right amount of spices-yummy!

Roast Restaurant
This restaurant located inside borough market, with views from the inside looking over the stalls is famed for only using seasonal British produce and quite often uses ingredients bought from the stallholders within Borough Market itself.  You can't get more locally sourced food than that!

The delectable cakes and pastries from the Comptoir Gourmand stand
We must have walked past this stand at least ten times, drooling over the mouthwatering cakes before we became weak and actually bought one! They were definitely a feast for the eyes!
I love any sweet with a lemon zing to it, so I took ages to choose between the Citron Meringue Tart and the Tart Au Citron.  I went with the latter...and oh my goodness.........To. Die. For. need I say anymore?! (below).
Click here for their website.

My Tarte Au Citron....perfect with a cup of tea!

I had such a great time at Borough Market and would definitely go there again!  We must have spent a good couple of hours in there, browsing and sampling the many different stalls!

After we went to the Tower of London to see the amazing poppies in the moat art installation named "Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red".  I have many pictures to share of this incredible and moving display dedicated in remembrance to our soldiers, so I will share this in a separate post in the next couple of days.

Yesterday I wore:

Printed Shirt: H&M
Leggings: Zara
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Loafers: F&F at Tesco

Love, Ivy George x


  1. Oh my god, you've made me so jealous. I want to go there now. The calamari and those pastries look sooo scrumptious!


    1. I haven't stopped thinking about that calamari since I left!! It tasted as good as it looked!!
      You really must go if you can - it really is a treat Mili, I'm so glad I went x


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