The pursuit of...Fabulous cities (Part 2)

PARIS....yes, it deserves to be in capital letters.
Every Spring and and every Autumn, if I am not dreaming about New York, I'm wishing I was in Paris.
I just love it...the style (which is effortless), it's culture (which is enriching), it's history (eye-opening) and then there's the food...(mouth-watering!).

Parisians, are just a different's almost as if they are cut from a different cloth and you only have to be in the city for a few minutes to feel that.

When walking the streets of Paris, you almost feel as though you should be in something incredibly chic.  It's not a myth that the Parisian women truly know how to dress.  Simple tailoring and classic styling is what stood out for me.  I never spotted anyone who wasn't immaculately put together - no worn down, scuffed shoes or ill fitting clothes. From young to old, the styling was impeccable.

I just loved how the waiters casually put out this table in the middle of a road so these Parisian ladies could lunch....trés chic!

I did not know this before but Paris is also known as "The City of Carousels".  
These, almost majestic, ornate carousels are strategically placed around the city and when you stumble upon one as I did (above), it almost feels surreal. 
Steeped in tradition for many generations of Parisian children, finding one is a must see on a visit to the city.

Then there's the landmarks. Like London and New York, you can't visit Paris without doing a bit of sightseeing.

Arc de triomphe
The Arc de triomphe, the most famous monument in Paris. It is also in the centre of the most busiest, craziest roundabout - how anyone is brave enough to drive round this twelve exit roundabout is beyond me!

La tour Eiffel
The Eiffel Tower. One of the most recognisable and iconic structures in the world. When I saw this for the first time, again it was quite surreal - an image I had mostly only seen on postcards and is really quite impressive in real life.

Louvre Musuem
I really wanted to go inside The Louvre - the worlds most visited museum where Leonardo da Vinci's most famous portrait is held...Mona Lisa.  Sadly, I run out of time on my visit....there is sooo much to see and do in Paris!

River Seine bridge

Big sunnies are a must whilst in Paris! My friend and I on the bridge of the River Seine

France is famous for its patisseries and some of the best can be found in its capital city.
The window displays in these patisseries show intricate, delicate, showstopping creations and when you walk into one of these places, you feel as though you are getting a truly authentic 'Paris' experience.

Laduree is definitely worth a visit (above). See my previous post The pursuit of...The perfect macaron for my review.....A real treat!

Delicious french liqueur coffee

Doing our Sex and The City walk through the streets of Paris...I was Carrie of course!!

So here ends the second instalment of my favourite cities. (For Part 1, Hong Kong, click the link here)

Love, Ivy George x 

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