The pursuit of...Charlize and J'Adore Dior

I just had to write a post about the brand new J'Adore Dior mini film campaign (above)...I looove it!! Not only is the perfume by Christian Dior one of my all-time favourites but I just absolutely adore the commercials or "films" starring Charlize Theron - the face of the perfume...Serious girl crush alert! She looks effortlessly chic and amazing!!! 
The Future Is Gold' is the name of this newest commercial and again it has Charlize strutting her stuff, looking fierce and elegant all at the same, love, LOVE! 

My favourite mini film though from this fashion house has to be the one where Charlize is running late for a catwalk show.  She rushes backstage, hurriedly getting dressed in the buzz of backstage excitement where Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe all make brief cameo appearances, as their images are cleverly CGI'd into the scenes (above).....LOVE IT!

And then there's this one (above) which I also fell in love with back in 2007, where Charlize struts through a Paris apartment whilst stripping off, throwing her jewels to the floor with Marvin Gaye being the soundtrack to this mini film.

I think it must be every woman's dream to dress up in an amazing dress and then have a go at doing exactly what Charlize does in these films.....just me then?!!

Well done Christian Dior. They are still putting together brilliant commercials for this scent and I'm sure they are probably secretly in competition with the Chanel mini films starring Keira Knightly for Coco Mademoiselle....who is your winner...I know who mine is... :)

Love, Ivy George x

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