The pursuit of...An afternoon with granny

The sun has come out to play for us again these last few days in the UK, so I thought I would put on my lovely new loafers, (in this season's favourite colour -above) and spend a few days with granny!

I love my grandparents's just how you would imagine it to be, with doilies on the back of the chairs, 50's lampshades and an old vintage stereogram in the corner!
I love perusing the bookshelf as it is filled with all my mum, and her siblings old school books, including some old classics from Dickens, Thomas Hardy (below) and loads of Reader's Digest books - my grandad used to be a subscriber!

Cosying up with a cuppa and the 'Selected Poems of Thomas Hardy'

When I was younger and my grandad was still with us, we would always go for lunch during the summer holidays at Wimpy.  It used to be our little tradition and me and my mum have carried it on with just my gran now. Although most Wimpy's have disappeared from our high street over the years, the one that we always used to go to is still there luckily, so we went for lunch here yesterday.

Granny enjoying her Fish and Chip lunch at Wimpy

After, we went shopping for 'provisions' (as my granny puts it! - fruit and veg shopping to the rest of us!) in the colourful west indian/caribbean market shops.
The smells of the ripe mangoes was mouthwatering!

The vibrant and colourful display of Mango, Soursop and Grapes

Sweet sugarcane, chilli peppers and sweet peppers

Yams, cassava, sweet potatoes, coconuts, breadfruits - staples to caribbean cooking

What a lovely day! It's so nice to get away from your own surroundings sometimes and spend time with the family.  Because my granny lives right on the other side of london, it actually really feels like a change of scenery and a nice break for me! -  I'm looking forward to some good old home cooking from my gran today with the mackerel, okra and potatoes that we bought yesterday - yum!

Happy Friday all, have a great weekend...

Love, Ivy George x

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