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I've done a lot of travelling over the years and it always amazes me how flustered people get about packing for a trip or holiday or just about 'flying' in general.
Preparation is key and thinking about being comfortable is the best way to help you get through a long flight.
I think I may have packing down to a fine art now, as my time spent as a Longhaul flight attendant meant that I was flying to far-flung destinations up to 5 times a month - I just didn't have the time (or inclination!) to spend hours or days packing a bag.

So, as it is the vacation season, I thought I would share with you all my Top 10 Tips for travelling abroad.


1.  Take your hand-luggage in a bag that has inside pockets and which also has a zip over fastening on the outside...the inside pockets are perfect for your travel documents and just in case you are asked to put your bag in one of the overhead lockers, a secured bag with a zip ensures your contents do not fall out.

2.  If you use the hotel safe to store your passport, car keys etc..make sure you also put another item in there with it that you definitely won't forget to re-pack -  like one shoe for example.  This ensures you remember to check the safe when you leave!  (So many people leave their valuable items in hotel safes).

3.  Ladies, pack lots of dresses for trips away.  It saves you having to co-ordinate separates and also will mean that you can pack less items and have more space to bring back goodies!

4. Wear something comfortable on the plane.  I find skinny jeans can get really restrictive and much prefer to wear a long flowing skirt or clothing with 'jersey' material...much more breathable!

5. Don't take your normal purse or wallet on holiday with you that contains all your bank cards etc.  Instead use a small change purse for all your foreign coins and notes and just take one card for emergencies (or a pre-paid Visa/MasterCard is even better). I find it so annoying when I come back from holiday and I keep mistaking Euros or Quarters for pounds sterling in my purse!!

6. Always remember to pack a travel charger. Essential for keeping your electronic devices fully charged (especially with the new airport security restrictions at the moment for flights into and out of the US) and for using those GHD's! So often I have relied on a hotel hairdryer for my hair and it has been just like someone blowing on my neck softly rather than my powerful one at home-annoying!

 7. Always get a free map from your hotel concierge and keep it with you in your bag when out and about.  Handy to use to point out to local taxis the street address of your hotel, especially if you are flying to a place where English is not the first language. 

8.   Take a pashmina or cardigan for the flight.  It can get very cold on aircraft, particularly on night flights.  It's better to control your own temperature rather than having to ask the cabin crew all the time for temperature adjustments.

9.  Write a list before you go of the things and places you really want to do and see. Then be realistic when you get there.  Don't try and cram too much into one day - if seeing that picturesque, beautiful temple means getting two buses, two trains and a boat then make sure you set off early and have a plan. (If travelling with a group of friends, be aware that not everyone will find that sort of trek/journey a relaxing idea of a holiday!)

10.  Write down what the currency exchange rate is for small denominations and keep it in your travel purse, so you can easily work out approximately how much things are in your own currency.  You can always ask the bureau de change to work it out for you at the airport.  Very handy when you're under pressure to buy something and can't work out if you're being ripped off or not!
*For example, when in the US: £1 = $1.69
                                               £5 = $8.44
                                               £10 = $16.84
                                               £20 = $33.74
(*current exchange rate)

Have a safe and happy holiday if you are going away soon this year!

What are your travel tips?

Love, Ivy George x

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