The pursuit of...The Bodyguard Musical

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may already know that I love musicals and I especially love going to the theatre to watch them!
So I was extremely excited yesterday as I went to see the acclaimed and award-winning musical The Bodyguard, starring Alexandra Burke.

I make no bones about it, this show was A-MAZ-ING!
I have seen a lot of shows over the years and only two before this one had made me cry with emotion (I know, I'm dramatic!) and that was The Color Purple starring Fantasia and Ghost The Musical.  This one, now also joins the list and I think it was simply down to the absolutely fantastic and beautiful voice that Miss Burke has.
Every song I felt and moved me.
Alexandra has really made this role her own and has not tried to emulate Whitney in the original film, but instead brought her own personality and style to the character of superstar diva, Rachel Marron.
As I looked around the theatre, I could tell too that the whole audience was captivated by her performance. Her american accent (which I admit, I was worried and a bit apprehensive about at first, thinking that it would be cringey...Brits in musicals rarely tend to get US accents right) was excellent and believable.
She was funny, really likeable and all of the cast had a great on stage chemistry.

London's Adephi Theatre where The Bodyguard, The Musical is playing
Most of you will know the storyline of this show, so I will not go into detail about that here, but what I will say is that this musical really does do the original film justice.  It has added some brilliant Whitney Houston songs from her extensive and fabulous repertoire and they all slot in seamlessly.

Also noteworthy performance must go to Carole Stennett who plays Nikki Marron, the sister of the lead character.
She has an incredible voice also and has a few solo's including "Saving All My Love For You" which she sang in the show during a beautifully poignant moment in a small, smoky bar.  She played the part of the overlooked, love-lorn sister very well.
One of my most favourite parts of the musical was during a duet between Alexandra Burke and Carole Stennett when they sang "Run To You"....the harmony' was a really special moment.

During the interval I was sitting with my wet face from the tears (I know, I know!!) and a few people in front of me said they also cried the first time they saw it! I would definitely see this show again too.

I couldn't wait to leap out of my seat at the end to give this show a standing ovation, in fact, I would have been happy to do this after every song during the show!
To my lovely surprise, the whole cast returned to the stage at the end for an uplifting final song of  "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" (My favourite Whitney song! Memories of me and my sister when we were little singing this song and staging little concerts for our parents came flooding back!!) 
Everybody was up and out of their seats joining in and dancing.
What a great way to end a truly fabulous show!!
Even better was that I got a chance to meet the gorgeous Miss Burke after as well (below).  A really funny, lovely and genuine woman, who really deserves every success with this stage show.

Selfie with the lovely Miss Burke!

My outfit yesterday to the theatre was a lovely, royal blue shift dress from ASOS and brown slouchy H&M bag.
I tried a centre-parting, low slung ponytail for a change to my normal side-part.  I wore the parting slightly off centre for a softer look. (pics below).

What a fabulous night had by all! - I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Till next time,

Love, Ivy George x

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