The pursuit of...Music

When it comes to taste is old school, I admit.  
If you was to ask me who is the current number one in the charts, I wouldn't have a clue.  I'm not sure who most of the acts are at festivals etc and I don't really know any current songs until it becomes really commercial and gets played everywhere!
You would think I was about 109 years old, but the truth is, I think I am still living in 1998. ('98 was my year, ha!)  
I am a massive MJ fan and was lucky enough to go to two of his concerts before he's untimely death in 2009 (Dangerous and HIStory) - There is nothing that will get me on the dance floor quicker than a Michael Jackson song, let me tell you!
I tend to like old school R&B and 80's cheesy disco/pop.  It's the music I grew up to and it just evokes such happy memories whenever I hear those tunes, whether its 'Holiday' by Madonna or 'Candy' by Cameo (do I need to state that I'm queen of the electric slide?!).

Currently listening to MJ and Mariah Carey's new albums in my car
Good music can change many a mood and sometimes it can be medicine for the soul.
I love a bit of Fantasia, Monica, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Mariah Carey- all of those classic R&B artists and I always buy their new albums when released.
My iTunes account is very eclectic however with a mixture of show-tunes, Gloria Estefan, Calypso and Jazz instrumentals! - you just never know what will come on during a 'shuffle' - it makes it very interesting (or cringey, depending if I have company!)

I love a good concert too - there's something about hearing and singing along to your favourite songs that are being sung live right in front of you that literally stays with you forever.
I'll never forget those MJ concerts...ever...there is no way to describe them except for its everything that you would imagine it to feel like and more.
Fantasia, is brilliant live.  I saw her first in New York performing in the musical The Color Purple and then twice in London with her own shows.  She is an amazing performer with a voice that touches you deep in your soul.  She puts everything into her performances.
Destiny's Child and Beyonce I have seen in concert a couple of times too.  It's funny now when I look back and remember when Destiny's Child were gigging in London during their early days in the 90's - me and my girlfriends were practically on the stage next to them as they toured small venues, like The Afro Hair and Beauty Show at Alexandra Palace and also Ministry Of Sound. It was the old line up back then and I remember thinking "oh look, it those girls from America" as they walked past us through the crowd onto the stage....If only the selfie had been invented then eh?!!
I'm so excited as I'm going to see Lauryn Hill next month in London.  I missed her the last couple of times she has been here and I heard she was brilliant.  Her album, 'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill' was the soundtrack to my teens so I am so looking forward to hearing those songs again sung live....of course, I will post my review up of the concert here.

Well thank you for reading my little trip down memory lane..We all have songs that remind us of being at school, ex-boyfreinds, holidays etc. that's what music does to you, it conjures up memories and feelings from the past - good or bad....It's the power of music and without it, life would be a very dull place.

What's your favourite song/artist?

Love, Ivy George x 

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