The pursuit of...Magic

It's the summer holidays if you didn't know already! 
As we get older, these long six weeks of summer no longer have the same appeal, as unfortunately, for most of us, normal life resumes.....unless you have kids that is! Although I do not have any children yet, I know from my sister how hard it can be to keep the little ones entertained during these long summer days and often, keeping them amused involves lots of £££!

So yesterday, as I had my gorgeous nephew for the day (above), we set out for a day of fun and activities with a difference.  One that didn't involve any dreaded long car journeys and also was completely free - bonus!

Living in Essex, I am very lucky to be surrounded by lots of open countryside. It's great for kids to explore, gets their imagination going and helps them to learn about nature. 
As it is the season for blackberries, we decided to partake in a spot of foraging!  My nephew loved this and we had a competition between ourselves to see who could get the most!....he won of course! ;-)

We then found a 'Secret Garden' (below) and as we walked through the enchanted gates (even I started believing the story!) my nephew was searching for the dragon that guards the castle...(!)

....looking for the 'trolls' that live under the bridge protecting 'Princess Fiona' in the castle (church)!

Some historical old towns have lots of scenic gardens that make beautiful backdrops for great days out for kids.
This one, just 5 minutes walk from my doorstep, was perfect and is great for picnics too.  
Don't be put off visiting gardens as opposed to parks because they don't have the traditional kids play areas of swings/slides etc. My nephew loved every minute of this day out and really believed he was in a secret garden trying to find Princess Fiona (from Shrek!).  

So yes, magic can be found any and everywhere...not just in the expensive theme parks or attractions....all you need is a little imagination!

Love, Ivy George x 

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