The pursuit of...A statement brooch

 I've always liked brooches...I think I may have picked this fashion tip up from my mother who always has some sort of stylish brooch on her clothes to accessorise her look.
At the moment, I seem to be wearing my favourite three brooches (above) with shirts and pinning them to the collar area.

It looks like I have some kind of attraction to the 'big cat' variety (!) although this wasn't intentional....I generally tend to love brooches that are eye catching and have some sort of 'sparkle'!
I had a gorgeous one in the shape of a crown from Mango that sadly, I just for the life of me cannot find anywhere - I feel that I may have left it on an item of clothing that I bagged up and gave to charity!
I also had one from ASOS that looked like a sparkly pair of red lips (sounds tacky, but I loved it!).

By wearing a shirt buttoned up to the collar and adding a brooch, it can really bring an outfit to life.  
It's a really effective way of transforming a simple shirt and collar into something a bit more dressy and I think it looks quite cool.

If you are not into brooches, than a short embellished chain under a shirt collar also looks great and is a good way to draw the eyes up and away from any any other areas you don't want to bring attention to!

P.s. If I ever find my beautiful 'crown' brooch, I will upload it here to share with you all!

Love, Ivy George x 

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