The pursuit of...Wedding dresses (V&A Exhibition)

Dita Von Teese's showstopping wedding dress graces the top of the staircase at the V&A exhibition
(*V&A press picture)

Yesterday I went to the V&A Museum in London where they are showcasing the brilliant Wedding Dresses 1775-2014 exhibition.  
The exhibition charters the journey of the traditional white wedding dress and shows how fashions have transformed and developed through the decades.
Now, you don't have to be getting married or planning a wedding to see or be interested in this show, it is more about how fashion and designers have played a part in this particular item of clothing over the centuries and although it is quite small, it was really interesting.

Tickets are sold in time slots, which is brilliant as it means that crowds are staggered, so there was no lengthy queues or waiting around.
The V&A have amazing curators and their exhibitions are always showcased beautifully.  As you are not able to take photo's inside the exhibition (due to copyright with some of the loaned dresses) I have included some of the press images in this post, given courtesy of the V&A to show you below. 

Unfortunately they didn't have a picture of my absolute favourite dress in the exhibition which is a stunning embellished Temperley dress - The 'Jean' dress - it is so beautiful! (see it here on Temperley's website).

My second favourite is the wedding dress worn by Kate Moss on her wedding day to Jamie Hince.  I remember seeing pictures of this at the time and didn't think it looked anything special, but seeing it up close and personal  at the exhibition, the intricate detail and embellishment on the train really comes to life (below):

John Galliano designed the wedding dress for Kate Moss

Gwen Stefani's wedding dress was also one of the dresses loaned for the exhibition.  Designed by Dior, it is an extravagant dip-dyed silk faille gown that might not be to everyones taste.....but is definitely befitting of the extrovert personality of the singer (below):

There was also Dita Von Teese's amazing purple wedding dress that she wore to marry Marilyn Manson (top of the page) which was accessorized with beautiful purple Christian Louboutin shoes.  It was great to read all the snippets of the stories behind some of these dresses and especially the vintage ones where tradition and culture meant that the dresses had to look a certain way.

What dresses were missing from this exhibition for me?...Ultimately, it was Grace Kelly's iconic wedding dress that she wore when she became Princess Grace of Monaco, Princess Diana's, the Duchess of Cambridge, the dress worn by Sarah Jessica Parker's character Carrie Bradshaw when she finally married Mr Big in the Sex and The City movie....all of these would have made it that extra bit special for me.

The V&A always have great exhibitions, some of these you have to pay for, like this one, but the museum itself is free (like all london museums) and it's a great way to while away a few hours during the summer.

Taken by me at the underground entrance to the V&A

My outfit yesterday was a fresh white and blue look.  See pictures below for details:

White silk top-River Island, Blue Pencil Skirt-ASOS, Handbag-H&M

It's was all about the details yesterday with the on-trend white varnish mani/pedi and overload of bracelets for some 'arm-candy'. (Above and below).

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