The pursuit of...Hayden Williams

I want to be Miranda Priestley from 'The Devil Wears Prada' when I grow up!!
I have always been interested in Fashion.  I don't know when it really started my love of all things fashion related, but my earliest memory is of being about 11 years old and buying the thick glossy Marie Claire magazines on my way home from school (with my dinner money!).  I remember them being so luxurious, with thick lightly scented pages.  I would feel so grown up and 'chic' as I would take it to my bedroom and study the styles of the glamourous models featured in them.  All my exercise books at school back then were covered in the pages torn out from those magazines (it was the done thing in the early 90's...while everyone had New Kids On The Block posters covering their books, I had a picture of some random model showcasing the latest perfume or handbag!).

Even now, I still love to look at those typical images of stylish, sophisticated and chic women. 
When I stumbled upon Hayden Williams illustrations about a year ago on Instagram, his style of sketches was right up my street.
His illustrations of fashionable women are captivating and depict the modern, fashion editorial, super-stylish woman, as well as the classic, hollywood-era, timeless looks that we all love.
I've also seen sketches from where he transforms well-loved Disney 'heroines' into modern day 'it' girls.
Hayden's celebrity illustrations are brilliant too and have had lots of media interest - notably, Beyonce, The Obamas, Victoria Beckham et al.
My favourites of his illustrations though, have to be those of Audrey Hepburn, of which he has many.  He really captures her style, grace and quirky spirit in his drawings, bringing those qualities to life once more.

The British illustrator is said to be self-taught and often uploads videos of himself sketching his creations (below).

Hayden Williams hard at work with another of his celebrated fashion illustrations

In case you are yet to discover his work, below, I have some of my favourites from his collection:

Such great talent...please do visit his blog to see more of his stunning designs. (

Till next time,

Love, Ivy George x 


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