The pursuit of...Dating

Saw this great message (above) on Twitter over the true! can be really hard!! Social media has a lot to answer for too I believe.
Like this message I saw on Twitter recently (above), it's all too easy to seek solace and gratification from an online virtual world when things go wrong. It can also put a spanner in the works right from the very beginning of new relationships, with places like Facebook, Instagram and others being a place where you can easily stalk view profiles and see and interpret things incorrectly!

However, dating can also be lots of fun.
Those early days when you meet someone new and you get butterflies in your stomach every time your phone rings, spending the day thinking about the previous date and hoping you'd see them again that evening....It can be really exciting, especially if you feel you've found 'the one!'.

Well, I thought I'd share with you my Top Ten (tongue in cheek) Tips For Dating that I have had the pleasure of experiencing over the years.  I've had my fair share of dating disasters! ('d think that it would get easier in your 30's wouldn't you? Errmm...No, is the simple answer to that one!)

So here goes.... Ivy George's Top Ten Dating Tips

1.  If he wants to meet you after 9pm on a first (second, third, fourth etc...) date...then it's a 'booty call'.  He only wants one thing - Move on.

2.   He texts you saying "Call me".  It's likely he does not have enough credit on his phone to call you ( this day and age...really?!) - Move on.         

3.  Six months after dating, he still is not referring to you as his 'girlfriend' and when you ask where you're relationship is going he says "Lets not put a title on it" - Move on.

4.   He called you 'Mum' by accident...... Move on.

5.  He constantly talks about himself and doesn't show any interest in your life or ask you questions.  On a first date, this could be just nerves, if it continues after this, it is self-absorbed selfishness - Move on 

 6.  He responds to your 5 paragraph text where you pour out your feelings about how glad you are that he's in your life and how happy you are together etc. with "LOL", "Cool :)" or "K" - Keep it moving

7.   His idea of a nice restaurant for a first date is...Nando's... - Sorry, this is not acceptable.

8.   He lists 'playing playstation' as his main hobby -  Sorry, what? 

9.  He thinks it's perfectly normal and OK to use your September issue Vogue magazine as a coaster....Keep it moving hunny ;-)

10.  ....And lastly, simply,  if he's not calling or texting you, making time to see you or returning your calls...Guess what?........He's. just. not. that. in. to. you - MOVE ON!

I wish you all the best of luck with your own 'dating' journeys...let me know if you have any 'tips' of your own!

Thanks for reading!  
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Till next time,

Love, Ivy George x 


  1. Hahaha love it!
    Great post, so true! x

  2. It's very tongue in cheek! Hehehe-glad you enjoyed it!

    Ivy George x


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