The pursuit of...A statement shoe

Chanel Shoes charity shop find!

Happy Saturday!...I just wanted to share with you all some amazing shoes that I have seen this week.
A statement shoe can be all you need to take an outfit from drab to fab....and they don't need to cost the earth either!
My friend spotted these Chanel shoes in a charity shop in Ealing this week for £25!! (above).  
These are the ultimate statement shoes, with the fabulous detailing of the pearl ball heel, down to the iconic tiny Chanel logo on the flower...what a fabulous find! 

Like I've mentioned in previous posts, if you have any near you, it really is worth taking the time to look around in charity shops.  You'll be amazed at what people give away!

Nude stud heels from F&F Limited Edition

I found these gorgeous nude coloured shoes today whilst shopping in Tesco! There was only one pair left randomly on a shelf with other shoes and the price tag was £22 which I didn't think was too bad.  However, when I took them to the cash desk, they scanned through at £3!!! What a bargain!
They are an amazing style and quality and look like something you would find in Zara.  
So glad I found these today, they are like a replica of the Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spikes pumps, which again are the ultimate statement shoe.

Pastel blue suede shoes from Topshop
Elvis will not be the only one who warns against stepping on his blue suede will too if you owned these Topshop beauties! (above).
I really love all these muted pastel coloured accessories that are everywhere at the moment and these are no exception.
They are so ladylike and chic and you could dress them up with a cute shift dress or summer tea dress or down with navy jeans and a white tee....lovely!

I'm currently writing this post while watching the brilliant film 'The Audrey Hepburn Movie' which is on True Entertainment at the moment.  It stars Jennifer Love Hewitt who actually has a really uncanny resemblance to Miss Hepburn so makes for believable viewing....Its followed by the Coco Chanel movie starring Shirley MacLaine, so my Saturday is all wrapped up nicely....have you's raining in London/Essex, so this is my perfect version of a rainy day in!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Love, Ivy George x 

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