The pursuit of...Summer in the City

Phoenix Theatre in London where musical 'Once' is playing
Ahhh, such beautiful weather has bestowed us again in the UK...The sun has got it's hat on - Yippee!...
(You'll get used to me mentioning the weather and giving updates - us Brits are obsessed with it!!)
So in trying to make the most of these long, balmy summer nights, yesterday evening, after work, I went into London with friends to see the multi-award winning musical 'ONCE'.

I love to go to the theatre to see musicals! I have seen quite a few and my idea of heaven would be a lazy Sunday afternoon watching lots of old musicals on the telly! However, this one was not my cup of tea.  
It is based on the Oscar winning film of the same name and is about an Irish busker and Czech girl who meet and have a shared interest of beautiful music and develop a deep bond and connection through that.  
There is a couple of beautiful songs in the show and the cast is extremely talented as they play the part of the orchestra as well as the actors and stage movement staff which is very clever...but for me it was just a bit too monotone, heavy and dare I say it, dull in places.
The leading cast members, for me, didn't have any chemistry (or stage presence) and it made me not believe their story...or at worse, even care about their story. Perhaps a bit of a scathing review...however I was there with friends who had seen it before and had absolutely loved it the first time round, thus they booked to see it again, but were too, bitterly disappointed this time.

It just goes to show how important it is to get the casting right for these shows.  The story/script could be amazing but if the audience are not captivated or at the very least, interested, then it can fall flat.

Look at me, 'theatre critic', rambling on!...You would never know I felt that way, I even gave a standing ovation at the end, I'm shameless!!  The rest of the theatre seemed to have loved it, cheering and clapping at the final curtain friends however stayed true and firm and remained seated! I love their honesty!

Fuschia Pink top - Primark, Pencil Skirt - Mango, Sunglasses - Primark
Bag - Bloomingdales

Before the show, we had dinner and a peruse around the Seven Dials area.
London is really at it's best in the Summer...there is so much to see and do...I could quite easily take residence on a chic pavement café, soak up the atmosphere and people watch all day!

I loved the gorgeous costume jewellery in Les Néré many beautiful accessories (below).

Londoners have great style too as we two friends have such fabulous fashion sense and always look amazing (below):

My friend 'J' (above), I think is the epitome of class and glamour!
Above she wears a beautiful black short sleeved top and stunning black and white box pleated skirt - both from Boden.  Navy suede shoes are from M&S Collection.
The gorgeously striking emerald green cardigan is a cashmere and silk mix and is from the beautiful boutique Lali based near London's Portobello Road.
Find details and where to find Lali's London store here.

Mens fashion can be tricky to get right as lots of trends come and go, but not so for my friend 'M'...he is always effortlessly on the money with his style.
In this picture above, 'M' is wearing: Shirt by H&M Conscious, Trousers: Joe Fresh (bought in NYC), Belt: GAP, Sunglasses: Faconnable and Shoes by Camper.

I may do some more of my favourite street style fashion in future posts, as it's great to see other peoples style and how they put a look together...

For now though, I am going to soak up some rays!

Till next time my loves,

Love, Ivy George x

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