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I love baking! I have lots of memories from when I was little of my mum and I in the kitchen, baking delicious sweet Cherry Pies, Apple Crumbles and *Coconut Drops (*a caribbean very sweet treat!).
I use to love looking through my mother's big cookery books and drooling over the mouthwatering pictures of cakes and desserts.
I always think to myself that when I start my own family I would like my children to have those same joyful memories of being in the kitchen (who could forget that excited feeling you would get when you were able to lick the raw cake mixture off the spoon?!).

There seems to have been a baking revival over the last few years with more and more people preferring to experiment in the kitchen rather than buying shop brought.
We definitely have SJP's character, Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City to thank for the huge popularity of cupcakes.  In the episode where she visited the Magnolia Bakery in NYC's Greenwich Village, it turned the humble 'kids' cupcake into a luxury, adult, multi-billion pound industry...(how many people do you know who have started a cupcake business?! I can count three of my friends...)

Every now and then I like to whip out the old baking utensils and bake a cake.
Yesterday as my mum and nephew were coming to visit, I decided to bake a yummy Ginger Cake/Loaf.

Now, don't think you need lots of expensive, fancy kitchen equipment to get started.  I just brought all the budget basic stuff to begin with. You can always upgrade after a while if you prefer.

Jamaican Ginger Cake Recipe:

What you will need:

Mixing Bowl,
Measuring Jug
Wooden Spoon
Loaf Tin


175g Plain Flour,
1 level Tablespoon Ground Ginger
1 level Tablespoon Ground Cinnamon
1/4 Nutmeg, grated
1/2 level teaspoon Bicarbonate of Soda
2 Tablespoons Milk
75g Black Treacle
75g Golden Syrup
75g Dark Brown Soft Sugar
75g Butter
1 Large Egg, lightly beaten
Pre-heat the oven to 170C, Gas mark 3


  • Sift the flour and spices into a large bowl, then mix the bicarbonate of soda with the milk and set it to one side.
  • Now measure the black treacle, golden syrup, sugar and butter into a saucepan with 75ml of water, heat and gently stir until thoroughly melted and blended (don't let it come anywhere near the boil!).
  • Next add the syrup mixture to the flour and spices, beating vigorously with a wooden spoon.  When the mixture is smooth, beat in the egg a little at a time, followed by the bicarbonate of soda and milk.
  • Now pour the mixture into the prepared greased tin and bake on the lower shelf for 1-1/4 hours until it is well-risen and firm to the touch. favourite bit...who wants to lick the spoon! (be careful though as mixture does contain raw eggs)

Watching the cake rise like an excited kid!

Keep an eye on it as the time starts to near an hour.  If you start to smell the black treacle burning reduce the temperature or remove from oven if already well-risen.
This recipe has been taken from Delia Smith and originally it states to leave for 1 1/2 hours...I have found this to be too long and it gives the cake a very dry texture.
For a traditional, sticky topped ginger cake and moist centre, 1 to 1 1/4 hours seems to do the trick at about 150C on the oven.

Remove from oven and let stand for 5 minutes before transferring onto a wire rack

Allow to cool completely before eating
This cake tastes better the longer you leave it as the ginger intensifies.  If you can, make it the day before and store in a cake tin.

I hope you will try this recipe and enjoy it as much as I have.

Can I also just take this time to say 'thank you' to my readers who get in touch via Twitter and Instagram and leave lovely comments.  I do try and keep my posts varied, so you get a bit of fashion, beauty, home, travel and lifestyle - I can only hope it makes for interesting reading and knowing you appreciate it makes me smile!

Happy Baking!

Love, Ivy George x 

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