The pursuit of...the sweet smell of roses

Gorgeously fragrant 'Kenneth Turner Rose Room Cologne'

I am in love with the fresh, fragrant, sweet smell of roses.  I seem to be having some kind of love-in at the moment with anything rose scented!
You may remember a while back, I posted about the gorgeous Crabtree and Evelyn Rosewater Handcream (here) and then I confessed about my pursuit of a perfect English rose garden whilst visiting the Chelsea Flower Show (here)....It's never ending!

Whenever I buy a bouquet of roses for my home, sadly not all of them are fragrant and some I can only smell from very close up - unlike lilies or peonies which generally tend to have a very strong aroma.
How glad (and intrigued) was I then, to come across this Rose room cologne from Kenneth Turner (below).

I must admit, I didn't have very high hopes for this when I removed the lid to smell it.  I am not a fan of faux floral scents, and imagined it to smell horribly saccharin and artificial.
I am happy to say that I was very wrong and I was immediately hit with a very light and traditional rose scent that was not too sweet or pungent.
It fills the room and really feels as though there is a real aromatic bouquet of roses in the room, rather than that of a ghastly air freshener aerosol that has been sprayed (my biggest pet hate - I loathe air fresheners, they are either eye-wateringly too strong or just smell really chemical and in most cases, smell so bad they enhance any bad smell you may be trying to cover up!).

I love how when I walk into a room in my home now, there is a delicate summery hint of rose that envelopes you.  It feels so fresh and quaint!
I love the packaging of this room cologne from Kenneth Turner too!  It comes in an elegant 100ml square based glass bottle with a chrome lid.  This is not something you will want to hide away in your airing cupboard or under the sink! - It looks good enough to have on your dressing table mixed in with all your other perfumes.

Now the original price for this is £18 - which I think is quite pricey for a home fragrance.  However you are paying for the quality and brand - which to be fair is better than any you can ever find in your local supermarket.
I was lucky enough to find this in my local TKMaxx for £4.99! I have just looked on the Kenneth Turner website and unfortunately it looks as though the Rose Room Cologne may have been discontinued?  I am definitely going to go back and buy a couple more in that case as it will be a shame if it has.  I am also going to buy the 'Original' which is a blend of poplar, honeysuckle, lemon and orange oils, clove and cinnamon which will be beautiful for autumn.

What is your favourite scent to have around the home? Let me know...

Love, Ivy George x

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