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The brilliant Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestley in The Devil Wears Prada

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So, the other night I went to see the 'Grace of Monaco' film (see my review "The pursuit of...'Grace'" ) and it got me thinking about who my modern day style icons are?
I mean, does anyone really come close to the Grace Kelly's and Audrey Hepburn's of those times in this day and age?

There are certainly women that I look to for style inspiration and I love to admire what they wear and how they carry themselves. 
Times have definitely changed in that now everything and everyone to an extent, is so much more accessible, so that air of mystery which perhaps added to the allure of those old school screen icons is no longer there.
But I still have my favourites and these women below, are who I would describe as my style icons of today:

First Lady Michelle Obama

Love this picture and this fabulous dress!
Always on point style wise, Michelle Obama never disappoints.  From her glossy coiffed hair to those toned arms! I do love Mrs O.
She single handledly brought classy glamour back to the White House which ensured that everyone sat up and took notice of her. 
I don't recall anyone being more interested in what the First Lady of America was wearing since the days of the Kennedys and Jackie Onassis.
What strikes me most about Michelle Obama is that she is very likeable (I may feel that because she has such a striking resemblance to my mother! She is often told that she is the spitting image of Michelle) but you also get the impression that she is a very strong independent woman.

Victoria Beckham

I have always liked Victoria Beckham.  She was my favourite Spice Girl and I followed her fashion style through the late 90's through to now. 
Okay, she did made some faux-pas along the way (haven't we all!) but now she is for me, the epitome of a style icon.
Always fabulously chic, her fashion sense and style is the one closest to the personal style I have embodied...(except, I do wear ballet pumps from time to time - Victoria was famously stated as saying that she never wears flat shoes, especially 'ballet' pumps!)

Emma Willis

If you know, you know! Emma Willis is my girl crush!
I cannot remember exactly when I discovered how much I liked this woman's style but it's going back a few years now.  She always seems to look so groomed and put together without really looking like she has tried too hard - Emma is effortlessly chic.
I've mentioned before on my blog about how I'm always going back and forth to my 'bob' haircut and you can put money on it that I always want my bob back, right around the time Emma is on TV during the summer months presenting 'Big Brother'.
Her bob always looks so sleek and sophisticated and it always inspires me!  Plus she looks like she is such a girls girl you almost want her to be your BFF! (ok...enough gushing, you get the picture, I 'heart' this woman!).

Lupita Nyong'o

How amazing is Lupita.  For me she exudes such class and a quiet inner confidence that really shines through.
I feel that she does sometimes get it 'wrong' on the red carpet, or rather, some of her outfits are not to my taste, but what I love about Lupita more than her clothes sense is that she has such a striking, beautiful face. 
A natural beauty who has brilliantly broken many stereotypes and preconceptions that unfortunately are still there in the mainstream media about darker skinned black women.
Not many women can carry off a short shaved haircut, but 'LN' looks amazing.  To a certain degree you have to be brave to free yourself from the safety and crowning glory of long locks. I have noticed that since she came onto the scene there has been a surge of more women going for the chop - a trendsetter already!

Kerry Washington's 'Scandal' character Olivia Pope

Okay, now I know 'Olivia Pope' is not a real person.  She is the lead character in the brilliantly addictive drama Scandal....however, I love her! The costume designers on this show have styled her perfectly.  Her hair is always 'done', her walk is 'fast' and her talk is faster.
Olivia is always in soft pastel muted colours.  I'm talking blush pinks, tonal greys and neutral nudes. Sharp trouser suits or amazing dresses are for work and her lounge wear?...forget slippers and a onesie, Olivia wears luxurious soft chunky knits that just skim off the shoulder and you would imagine also matching cashmere socks!
When you start lusting after a fictional characters wardrobe à la SJP in Sex and The City, then as a programme maker you know you're onto a good thing.

Who are your modern style icons?  Let me know...

Love, Ivy George x

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