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B.Ready Day Cream - Exclusive to Superdrug

 I don't normally shop in Superdrug.  No particular reason other than that I have a 'Boot's Advantage Card' (Loyalty card), so I tend to always pick up any supplies from there instead.
The other week however, I popped into Superdrug whilst in Westfield and came across this skincare range called "B.Skincare".
There was a lot of advertisement for this new product in store, along with the fact that it was exclusive to Superdrug.
There was a large stand displaying the whole range and I must admit the pretty packaging drew me towards it. 
Each product is called a different "B"...for example, "B.Restored" (night cream), "B.Revitalised" (eye cream).
The day and night creams are in beautiful clear glass/acrylic jars which give it a modern and luxurious feel. It looks very expensive and like a product from a premium brand.  It feels like a real treat when you unscrew the lid and apply this cream-very spa like.

There was a comprehensive grid/guide which explained how you should choose the right products for your skin type.
I deduced that I should be Skin Phase 1 and chose the "B.Ready" Day Cream, which is created for those in their 20s and 30s, which as the blurb says will "help enhance skin's youthful appearance and help protect against the first signs of ageing".

The cream itself looks like quite a rich consistency (it looks similar to Astral or Nivea moisturisers) , which if you have oily/combination skin like mine can be quite frightening.  There is nothing worse than putting face cream on and then 5 seconds later looking like an oil slick with makeup sliding off your face!
However, looks can be decieving, because this is actually a lightweight cream that absorbs very quickly.  My skin feels nourished and adequately moisturised immediately and it leaves no greasy residue.
I've noticed that it provides a really good base for makeup and my skin appears plumper and smooth.
Yes, I still get an oily T-Zone, but this Day Cream from B.Skincare does not claim to have mattifying properties anyway.
I like how my skin feels after applying it and I also have been using this at night time aswell instead of a night cream.  It also has a lovely non-overpowering smell. 
It claims that it will 'even skin tone and prevents blemishes''s early days yet for me to see any result of that but first impressions of this new brand are good so far.

I was dissapointed with the packaging of the facial cleansers though as they are just in plastic tubing.  A clear glass/acrylic bottle with a pump action nozzle would have, for me, fit the branding more.
However, its the results that matter and if I continue to see an improvement with my skin, then I may invest in the facial wash too.

This "B.Ready" Day Cream from B.Skincare will normally be £9.99 but is currently (at the time of writing) on an intoductory offer with 50% off.

Let me know if you have used this product or anything else from the range.

Love, Ivy George x


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