The pursuit of...a 'Neon' Lipstick

(Sheen) Coral Reef
Sleek Lipstick in Amped and Coral Reef

(Matte) Amped



First of all, Welcome to June! Can you believe it, we are 6 months into the year already?! 
The weekend was surprisingly hot considering the week of rain we had, so everyone was out in their summer wardrobe (myself included!) and the smell of BBQs was in the air!
I had a lovely couple of days in the sun, catching up with friends and family and it got me thinking how happy it makes me to see so much colour everywhere...It really brightens up my day...literally!

I've never been afraid to clothe myself in colour, I'm the first to dig out something bright as soon as the first sun rays hit but I have always been a bit scared of wearing bright colourful make-up.

As a woman of colour, we are often told how flattering bright, bold colours are on darker skin tones and I agree, it can and does look beautiful...however, it had never been the choice for me.
Up until recently, (last couple of years) I have always worn nude coloured lip glosses or lipsticks...I rarely wear eye shadow (even now), and the most colour I would have worn on my face would've been from my blusher and a phase where I was wearing a teal/emerald eyeliner.
It's not that I was an advocate of the 'natural look', it was more about feeling comfortable and finding out what suited me.

I then found a really nice soft pink lipstick from Bobbi Brown called 'Soft Rose'- a really flattering matte pink that I wore for like 'forever'. I then discovered 'VIVA Glam' (see previous post 'Whats in My Make Up Bag') and my love of bright lipsticks were born.

I have very full lips, a feature I didn't embrace in my younger years!...but as we know, as we get older and grow into our looks and we learn to love ourselves more we realise that our mothers were true when they said that 'Women would pay to have lips like yours!'..... I now love my fuller lips and experiment more and more with brighter colours.

Sleek Make Up have lots of bright lipsticks that compliment all skin tones. 
I chose two very 'popping' colours for nights out (shown above).

Amped, is a matt bright pink with a blue base-It's not for the faint hearted! The colour you see on the lipstick itself, is the colour that appears on your lips - it is highly pigmented.
It is very matt, so ensure lips are prepped first by removing any loose skin,

Coral Reef, is a smooth, moisturising orange/coral colour. Again, highly pigmented, but you need to build this colour up to get an even coverage because of the high sheen to it.

Both colours do stain the lips, so be warned...and remember you can always tone down these colours by wearing them with another less bright colour. 

I think both of these colours are great if you aren't fussy with the rest of your look.
Just a sleek side parting with the hair falling behind your shoulders or up in a ponytail, pared-down eye make-up (perhaps just Kohl eyeliner and a sweep of mascara) and let the lips do the talking!

Go on , be brave and give brights a chance!

Love, Ivy George x

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