The pursuit of...A Fabulous Pair of Shoes and a Beautiful Tailored Suit

Christian Louboutin Neofilo 120 New Simple Pump

They say the more you spend, the comfier the shoe....the higher the heel, the chicer you feel.
A lot can be said for how an item of clothing can differ your mood, make you walk taller, feel braver...Can you really put a price on that? Should you put a price on that?
The right shoe, or suit can be the difference to you walking into a room and commanding it or shuffling into a corner and holding up the wall.

It might be all in the mind, but I know I feel different when I have on a pair of shoes that are fabulous, high and comfortable...equally, if I'm wearing a suit that is tailored beautifully and fits like a glove, then I feel inside like I'm a warrior, a force to be reckoned with...a stylish warrior to be exact!!

My sister 'K' brought these gorgeous Christian Louboutin shoes and she has said, (which I agree), they are the most comfortable stilettoes she has ever worn.
There is just something about those 'red bottoms' is just so attractive to look at. 
The flash of red when you walk is something that turns heads and changes what could be seen as just an ordinary shoe into a stunning creation.

Ok, enough gushing over shoes, you're either a shoe person or your not. For me, it's bags first, shoes a close would break my heart to see scuffs or worn soles after only a few wears...I don't think my heart could take it!

A brilliant way to find a luxury brand at a fraction of the price is to check out your local charity shops.
You'd be amazed at what people give away and if you're willing to really look around and travel to different areas you may find a real brilliant bargain.

How amazing is this Ralph Lauren Tuxedo?!(below).  Found in a charity shop in Ealing for...wait for it....a whole £10!
Imagine this look: The gorgeous Ralph Lauren tux paired with the Christian Louboutin shoes.
Hair: Sleek side parting, low slung ponytail....amazingly chic!

When I find an item of clothing like this, I always wonder what the story behind it is.
What amazing woman owned this tuxedo...where did she wear it? What story will I be able to give it.
This suit, is tailored beautifully.  It feels lovely to wear and you just feel the quality - especially with the fit around the bust and shoulders - typically where some high street stores would not spend the detail.

Its worth's probably best to try the more 'affluent' areas for designer finds.
If you have a spare Sunday one weekend, spend a couple of hours visiting different shops - you never know what you may find!

If you find something fabulous, do let me know!

Love, Ivy George x


  1. Gorgeous post...would love a pair of 'Loubies!'
    Great blog x

    1. Thanks Isabel for your comment :)
      Aren't they just gorgeous shoes!

      Ivy George x


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