The pursuit of...Happiness

Exactly...what if you fly???.....

Over the last few months I have been presented with a few opportunities that I have let slip away because I have either been too hesistant or too scared to pursue.
Taking the leap into the unknown can and is a frightening thing - sometimes you can weigh things up by deciding that you may have a lot to lose if things go wrong....but what if everything goes right? What then will you gain?  You can spend a lot of time and energy worrying about making the wrong choices but sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you have no choice but to follow down a path that you were perhaps not expecting or didn't have in your plans. 

A couple of months ago, a friend re-introduced me to the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne.  I had bought it the first time round years ago when I was in a phase of reading self-help books and I didn't really get into it.  This time I brought the audio CD and as I have a long commute into work, I would play it in the car and this time for some reason the messages really hit home. 
It could be that maybe I am in a different phase of my life where I am more open - however, I have always been very spiritual and I truly believe that "what is for you, will come to you" somehow and someway.
"The Secret" believes in asking.  Putting it out into the universe so it knows what you want.  Focusing your energy on the good things you want in life, not what you don't want or are scared of happening.
This sounds so easy and logical but I've found it so hard to put into often have you heard yourself say "I'm never going to find the right person!" or "It's going to be a bad day today" to simply "I'm always late!"...we all do it, but by throwing these statements out, it is almost like affirming and cementing that this is true.

I can't say that I am able to be positive all the time, that is unrealisitic and you'd probably go crazy if you didn't allow yourself to have 'normal' feelings about things, but I have noticed that I am more conscious of what I am saying, feeling or thinking now. 
If I see myself refusing opportunities, because I feel its out of my "comfort zone" or feeling under-confident or any other negative feeling, I will try my best to talk myself up and out of it and it's amazing how it can really transform your outlook - and very quickly too.

Perhaps what we all need to do, especially as women, is just give ourselves a break! We put so much pressure on ourselves that we forget to just live life for what it is short, take risks, be spontaneous, take time out for "you" and sometimes, just do what the hell you want! ;-)

Love, Ivy George x

The pursuit of...The correct concealer

Whilst in House of Fraser the other week I thought I would stop by YSL and pick up another Touche Éclat (Radiant Touch) as my last one had run out sometime ago now.
I've always used it under my eyes for dark circle coverage and I was mentioning this to the YSL beauty assistant when to my surprise she advised me that the concealer properties had been removed from this product some time ago and that I shouldn't use it for that - it is only just a highlighter now! Am I the only one who is shocked by this revelation? I have been buying this on and off for years and never knew that...apparently they changed the formula back when they brought out the new extensive colour ranges which I reviewed here in my blog a while back.
I asked her if there was any other product that replaced it for my skin tone and her answer was "No"...
I don't know if I just caught her on a bad day or if YSL genuinely do not have any concealers in their range for darker skins as I followed this question up with "So...,YSL don't have anything for me then?" and she just shook her head.  I thanked her for her "helpfulness" and walked directly over to Bobbi Brown.
On reading YSL's website, although Touche Éclat is only a highlighter it is still used for dark circle correction, so I am unsure as to why I was dissuaded to purchase this...
So, at Bobbi Brown, there was a whole range of colours to choose from in their correct and conceal range.  I was just going to select the "Corrector" which I have used before when I spotted the "Concealer Kit" (below).

The corrector is used for neutralising under eye darkness and 'lifting' and 'brightening'.  As it has pink/peach undertones you do need to therefore put either a concealer over it or a bit of foundation to blend the colour in as it far too bright to leave by itself.

I would have brought this again, however the Bobbi Brown assistant advised that as I didn't have very dark under eye circles, I could get away with just the concealer kit which brightens and lifts the eye area.  It also comes with a translucent powder to set the concealer in place.
The lady applied this for me in store and I found it to be so quick and easy to apply and gave very good coverage.  I also liked the fact that you could set it with the powder, so I brought this one instead.
It has a lovely consistency and doesn't 'sit' and crease under the eye - it blends into a smooth line-free finish.
As I was walking around continuing with my shopping after, every time I caught myself in the mirror, I was surprised to see how different my face looked.  I felt that my face looked fresher (and dare I say it, younger!) and you really could not tell that I had concealer on at all - the match was flawless.
The only negative I have with this kit is that would be better if it came with mini applicator brushes.  It does have a good sized mirror in the lid which is always a bonus, and of course, the packaging is fab.  I love the sleek and chic, black and white design of the Bobbi Brown packaging and it always feels sturdy and of good quality.
It does cost a few extra pounds more than the corrector, but I was happy to spend this as it does not need any other product over the top of it and for me , does the job all on its own.

I'm happy I brought this in the end...but disappointed to be saying goodbye to my beloved Touche Éclat after all these years...

What concealer do you use?

Love, Ivy George x

The pursuit of...The perfect red nail


When I see a beautifully manicured set of red nails, it conveys to me the image of a chic, polished and groomed woman.
There is something about that colour that exudes style and elegance and once you find the right shade that suits you, it's one that you will keep going back to, time and time again.
Red, is my fail safe colour and I own so many varying shades of red polish - from deep burgundy to bright blood reds, that I feel I am a connoisseur now of this colour of varnish!

I used to have my own mobile nail salon business and by default now, I am someone who always notices peoples nails.  If someone is wearing a good red nail (by 'good', I mean a non-chipped, non-smudged, no leakage onto fingers finish) I often associate them as someone who takes time and pride in their appearance.  I think it can be a very flattering colour and can instantly complete an outfit. 
In the winter you will often find me with deep wine/claret colours and in summer time I prefer the classic brighter reds.

I have chosen my 3 favourite red nail colours from different brands to review here:

Orly - 'Sweet Tart'

This red colour from Orly is what I would describe as a 'London Bus' red or 'Pillar Box' red.
It is a very classic red and is bright and punchy.  The lid is made of a rubber material which makes it very nice and easy to handle and manoeuvre with application.
The formula is quite thin which stops you from applying each layer too thick.  This means you would definately need to apply x2 layers to get the true density of colour - no quick application with this one!
It dries to an almost 'glass-like' look and shine which is not completely opaque after 2 coats but does give a beautiful coverage.  This polish I've noticed also dries very quickly which is a bonus.

Avon Gel Finish - Roses Are Red

I love these new 'gel finish' varnishes that are everywhere at the moment which give you the look of a gel manicure straight from the salon.
With this colour from Avon it again is what I would describe as a 'true red' although just slightly deeper than the Orly which you can't really see with this picture.
It has a very rich consistency and is highly pigmented - with only just one coat you get brilliant density of colour and opaqueness!
I am a creature of comfort (and tradition!) so I still use two coats and a top coat with this even though Avon have stated that with this range a top coat is not necessary - this varnish plays the role of base coat, gel colour and top coat all in one!
Because of all this, this polish is brilliant if you are short on time.
The thing to remember with these 'gel polishes' that are on the market now is that you do still have to be as careful with your manicure as a normal polish - they perhaps last just a teensy bit longer but of course nowhere near as long as the real thing!

CND Shellac - Wildfire

I had to include an actual Gel colour in this review as this is the red that I always wear on a regular basis.
Wildfire by Shellac is for me the best classic red out there and you really can't beat the non-chip, non-smudge, no waiting to dry time that you get with a gel manicure.
Granted, you do need to shell the pennies for this one and get this done at a Salon as it does need a UV Lamp to 'cure' (dry and set) each layer but I love the versatility a gel manicure gives you.
(As I still have my kit from my nail technician days, I am lucky enough to be able to do my Shellac nails at home myself!) .
I get about 10 days from my 'Shellac' before the regrowth or chips start showing.

So, if you haven't tried a red nail yet because you are perhaps scared of the maintenance that is required with non-neutral shades, give a Gel Manicure a go. 
There are also so many variations of reds out there with the 'normal' varnishes that there is sure to be a red to suit everyone.

Let me know what your favourite is...

Love, Ivy George x

The pursuit of... 'SALE' shopping

I am sooo happy with my Laura Ashley clock!

I have a love/hate relationship with 'SALE' shopping - I have been known to walk into shops and completely avoid the 'sale' section as it is always messy, always swamped with people and almost always, full of rubbish!
However, when it comes to homeware, I am right in there with everyone else, diving for the last set of Villeroy and Boch glasses or Cath Kidson bedspreads!
There really is some real bargains to be had for the home if you are willing to look, even if it's just a new set of plates or cutlery - last year I remember finding a  stunning 36 piece cutlery set reduced from £75 to £19 in House of Fraser - I snapped it up quicker than you can say 'bargain!!'.
I love Laura Ashley and I am always perusing the gorgeous products in their beautifully laid out stores.  The brand is so quintessentially English and I really like that look in my home.  I have mixed this traditional look with modern items to get the balance right as you can easily go overboard with it and end up looking like you are stuck in the Victorian ages.
Laura Ashley 'Gallery Chrome Wall Clock'
When I saw this Clock, I immediately fell in love with it and I knew I had to have it!
Again, I love large wall clocks and I like the simplicity of this one.  The face is very traditional but the silver makes it modern and contemporary.
This clock was originally £60 but is now on sale with 40% off - what a bargain!
Their packaging is to die for also - how cute are these bags?! (below).
Cute and quaint Laura Ashley paper carrier bags
I also like the Parisienne look in my home (again, not a fan of the 'shabby chic' buzzword that has become the norm to name anything that remotely looks worn, as some items can be more 'shabby' than 'chic'! However, I am a lover of this old school traditional French look) and found this pretty little ceramic vase/container for a £1 (bargain!) in a small odds and ends shop in my local town (below). 
I have filled it up with some aromatic wild mint for my garden bistro table.
So, get out there and snap up some homeware bargains before they all sell out!
Let me know what you find!
Love, Ivy George x

The pursuit of...the sweet smell of roses

Gorgeously fragrant 'Kenneth Turner Rose Room Cologne'

I am in love with the fresh, fragrant, sweet smell of roses.  I seem to be having some kind of love-in at the moment with anything rose scented!
You may remember a while back, I posted about the gorgeous Crabtree and Evelyn Rosewater Handcream (here) and then I confessed about my pursuit of a perfect English rose garden whilst visiting the Chelsea Flower Show (here)....It's never ending!

Whenever I buy a bouquet of roses for my home, sadly not all of them are fragrant and some I can only smell from very close up - unlike lilies or peonies which generally tend to have a very strong aroma.
How glad (and intrigued) was I then, to come across this Rose room cologne from Kenneth Turner (below).

I must admit, I didn't have very high hopes for this when I removed the lid to smell it.  I am not a fan of faux floral scents, and imagined it to smell horribly saccharin and artificial.
I am happy to say that I was very wrong and I was immediately hit with a very light and traditional rose scent that was not too sweet or pungent.
It fills the room and really feels as though there is a real aromatic bouquet of roses in the room, rather than that of a ghastly air freshener aerosol that has been sprayed (my biggest pet hate - I loathe air fresheners, they are either eye-wateringly too strong or just smell really chemical and in most cases, smell so bad they enhance any bad smell you may be trying to cover up!).

I love how when I walk into a room in my home now, there is a delicate summery hint of rose that envelopes you.  It feels so fresh and quaint!
I love the packaging of this room cologne from Kenneth Turner too!  It comes in an elegant 100ml square based glass bottle with a chrome lid.  This is not something you will want to hide away in your airing cupboard or under the sink! - It looks good enough to have on your dressing table mixed in with all your other perfumes.

Now the original price for this is £18 - which I think is quite pricey for a home fragrance.  However you are paying for the quality and brand - which to be fair is better than any you can ever find in your local supermarket.
I was lucky enough to find this in my local TKMaxx for £4.99! I have just looked on the Kenneth Turner website and unfortunately it looks as though the Rose Room Cologne may have been discontinued?  I am definitely going to go back and buy a couple more in that case as it will be a shame if it has.  I am also going to buy the 'Original' which is a blend of poplar, honeysuckle, lemon and orange oils, clove and cinnamon which will be beautiful for autumn.

What is your favourite scent to have around the home? Let me know...

Love, Ivy George x

The pursuit of...London, Yummy Mummies, Sunshine and Essex

 Muswell Hill, North London
Today I met up with an old friend who has recently had her first baby!  It was lovely to see her and her beautiful baby girl and we decided to meet up in leafy Muswell Hill for Coffee (well, tea for me!) and cake. 
I so love this area of North London with its trendy little bourgeois boutiques and cafés.  It also has an Oliver Bonas aswell which I adore! We had a good old catch up and baby was just so adorable!
I brought her and her husband some gorgeous lemon cupcakes as a little treat that they can have together later (below) - they looked so scrummy!!
Scrumptious Lemon Curd and Vanilla Cupcakes
Then later, once back in Essex I had to pop into my local market town to pick up some bits and bobs.
I found a few brilliant buys that I will share with you on here tomorrow...
It was such a beautifully hot day today, that I spent the early evening just relaxing in the garden.
Such a lovely day!  I'll leave you with some pictures...

My roses are coming along nicely!

Had a lovely walk through Waltham Abbey Church and gardens


Yum! Oreo Ice-cream!

Beautiful day...
Hope you've all had a nice day- please do leave your comments, I would love to know what you think!

Love, Ivy George x 

The pursuit of...three gorgeous scents

Avon's gorgeous 'Scent Essence' range

I am (as you might have guessed with my previous posts) a bit of an Avon fan at the moment.
Their products are such good value for money and even better is that along with that the quality is superb too.
I have brought quite a lot of good pieces from their campaigns (brochures) recently and today I thought I would share with you these gorgeous perfumes (above).
I am so impressed with the packaging on these.  The cute, pretty bottles each reflecting the delicate colour of the scent inside, reminded me of the Marc Jacobs Splash collection that he brought out a few years ago: 'Rain', 'Cotton' and 'Grass'.
The Avon 'Scent Essence' range consists of "vibrant fruity", "sparkly citrus" and "romantic bouquet"...not as whimsically named as the Marc Jacobs but it still gives a mental image of what each perfume will smell like.
Vibrant Fruity
This perfume is true to its name - it is really fruity!  It is described as juicy peach blossoms and captivating woods...I can definitely smell the peach in it and I think a hint of apple. 
It has a very sweet smell initially which you will either love or think is too sickly. 
I quite like this perfume, it is perfect for summer days and it does settle down very quickly into a lighter scent.  It smells similar to 'DKNY Red Apple' and almost reminds me of Pimm's and Lemonade or the drink Shloer - Summer in a bottle!
Sparkly Citrus
I have to be honest, the first spray of this to me does smell like toilet cleaner!
It is described as bergamot and sparkling lime blossoms energized with fresh cedar wood...
I have never been a fan of woody scents, they give me a headache and I think the cedar wood is the overriding note in this perfume. You do get the lime coming through aswell although I think the whole scent is rather 'after-shavey' rather than a feminine scent.
This is my least favourite out of the three - not my cup of tea.
Romantic Bouquet

This is my favourite.  Described as a feminine bouquet of dewy peony petals and pink freesias kissed with sensual vetiver...
This for me is a really delicate, beautiful perfume.  It gradually changes over time from strongly smelling of peonies to a lighter, fresher scent.
Again, I think perfect for summer days - a lovely grown up scent.
All these bottles are 30ml and are Eau de Toilette, so re-application is required after a few hours.
There is a little plastic clasp around the spray pump to stop it from being inadvertently depressed which makes the bottles look even prettier, although it is annoying removing it each time - but I guess it is no different to removing a lid.
Priced at under £10 per bottle (correct at time of writing), these are a perfect buy, will look stunning on your dressing table and are compact enough to pop into your handbag aswell - thumbs up!

The pursuit of...'Cowshed'

Cowshed 'Dirty Cow' freshening hand wash and Cowshed 'cow pat' moisturising hand cream

Happy Saturday all.....

Just a quick post today to tell you about these lovely products from Cowshed that I was given a while ago as a housewarming gift.

It is a gorgeous smelling hand wash and hand cream that has a cheeky play on the brand name of 'Cowshed' by naming them each 'dirty cow' and 'cow pat'! - unusual names for cleansing products, but this quirky style is in keeping with the brand.

'Dirty Cow' which is the handwash, is apparently their best selling handwash.  I can see why, as it is infused with essential oils of grapefruit, petitgrain and lavender and smells divine.

'Cow Pat', the hand cream, has a smell that really stimulates the senses.  It contains Shea and Cocoa Butter to moisturise the skin and also grapefruit and coriander oil.
The cream has a nice lasting scent and the moisturiser although quite rich is easily absorbed.

I love the packaging aswell on these products - a very stylish black and white design which would look good in any kitchen or bathroom.
I have these in my kitchen as in my bathroom, I currently have Molten Brown  'Rosé Granati' handwash and cream which I love too!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend bunnies...

Love, Ivy George x

The pursuit of...beautiful stationery

From left: Oriental pad, TKMaxx, World Map journal - Marks and Spencer,
'Man cannot discover new oceans' - TKMaxx,
Brown organiser, Jasper Conran- Debenhams, Hot Pink notepad - Primark

There's something special about a new notepad or diary. 
Opening up that brand new first page and seeing it all empty and expectant...the smell of the fresh new pages...the crisp feel of new untouched paper.
It reminds me of that new term at school....the 'September feeling' I call it...Remember after returning from summer break with all your new pens and pencil cases that had been brought at Woolworths and Rymans,  then at School you were given all your new exercise books and you would start to feel all excited about the new year ahead...(or was that just me?!).

Beautiful notepad/journal from Eccolo -TKMaxx and Swarovski Pen

I just loved that feeling and even now, I still get excited about pretty stationery.  
My favourite shop at the moment for beautiful notepads and diaries is TKMaxx.  
They always have lovely leather bound notepads in various colours and designs.  I'm a sucker for always getting hypnotised in this section and almost always leave with yet another pad.
I don't even need them,  sometimes, I think I will use them for my notes at work, other times as a food diary, but most of the time I just persuade myself that they are good to have...just in case!

Jasper Conran organiser - Debenhams

I am also one of the few people that still use diaries and Filofaxes.  I don't know where I would be without my trusted organiser. 
I just haven't got used to digital versions and I am someone who needs to physically write something down for it to feel like it has been recorded! - I would end up missing all manner of appointments if it wasn't in my diary and I would probably even forget to go to work!
This organiser above is from Jasper Conran..It was given to my brother as a Christmas present last year and as he would never use one, he then 're-gifted' it to me! (or rather, I patiently waited until New Years Day and then asked him if I could have it!!)
I love its dark brown cover with just the simple branding and the fact that I can also keep any important loose papers or letters inside as it has a magnetic clasp to secure it.

If money was no option, I would buy all the stationery that my heart desires from the beautiful Smythson of Bond Street. 
Whenever I am in Selfridges or Harrods in London, I always have to stop by the Smythson area and fawn over the beautiful leather journals.  I love the quality, detail and variety of colours of their books and the cute, often funny, names imprinted on each piece.  It's such a quintessentially English brand.
Whilst looking at the website a moment ago, I have just seen that they have a 50% sale, so I feel I may treat myself this weekend to my first Smythson notebook! (I am disturbingly excited about this!). 
Below are a few that I have shortlisted as super chic:

'Today I'm going to be nice'

'The best of everything'

'You are my sunshine'

'Wedding Planner'

So beautiful....I love them all!

Let me know if you have the same stationery....shall we call it 'fetish'!? as me!

Till next time my loves,

Love, Ivy George x

The pursuit of...a new face cream

B.Ready Day Cream - Exclusive to Superdrug

 I don't normally shop in Superdrug.  No particular reason other than that I have a 'Boot's Advantage Card' (Loyalty card), so I tend to always pick up any supplies from there instead.
The other week however, I popped into Superdrug whilst in Westfield and came across this skincare range called "B.Skincare".
There was a lot of advertisement for this new product in store, along with the fact that it was exclusive to Superdrug.
There was a large stand displaying the whole range and I must admit the pretty packaging drew me towards it. 
Each product is called a different "B"...for example, "B.Restored" (night cream), "B.Revitalised" (eye cream).
The day and night creams are in beautiful clear glass/acrylic jars which give it a modern and luxurious feel. It looks very expensive and like a product from a premium brand.  It feels like a real treat when you unscrew the lid and apply this cream-very spa like.

There was a comprehensive grid/guide which explained how you should choose the right products for your skin type.
I deduced that I should be Skin Phase 1 and chose the "B.Ready" Day Cream, which is created for those in their 20s and 30s, which as the blurb says will "help enhance skin's youthful appearance and help protect against the first signs of ageing".

The cream itself looks like quite a rich consistency (it looks similar to Astral or Nivea moisturisers) , which if you have oily/combination skin like mine can be quite frightening.  There is nothing worse than putting face cream on and then 5 seconds later looking like an oil slick with makeup sliding off your face!
However, looks can be decieving, because this is actually a lightweight cream that absorbs very quickly.  My skin feels nourished and adequately moisturised immediately and it leaves no greasy residue.
I've noticed that it provides a really good base for makeup and my skin appears plumper and smooth.
Yes, I still get an oily T-Zone, but this Day Cream from B.Skincare does not claim to have mattifying properties anyway.
I like how my skin feels after applying it and I also have been using this at night time aswell instead of a night cream.  It also has a lovely non-overpowering smell. 
It claims that it will 'even skin tone and prevents blemishes''s early days yet for me to see any result of that but first impressions of this new brand are good so far.

I was dissapointed with the packaging of the facial cleansers though as they are just in plastic tubing.  A clear glass/acrylic bottle with a pump action nozzle would have, for me, fit the branding more.
However, its the results that matter and if I continue to see an improvement with my skin, then I may invest in the facial wash too.

This "B.Ready" Day Cream from B.Skincare will normally be £9.99 but is currently (at the time of writing) on an intoductory offer with 50% off.

Let me know if you have used this product or anything else from the range.

Love, Ivy George x

The pursuit of...My favourite shopping outfit

Yes, you were so right Audrey, Paris is always a good idea...but as I was unable to take a quick jaunt to gay Paree yesterday, lovely London was where I was at instead.

Shopping in London is always a treat...whether I'm braving the crowds up town in Oxford Street and the Kings Road or perusing small boutiques in North London, I am sure to see some great fashion looks.

So, I thought I would share with you what my favourite look is.  My outfit of the day was a look that I always go for when shopping. Smart and chic, but comfortable.

Striped long sleeved top - TopShop, Navy Jeans - Dorothy Perkins,  Wedges - Primark

I love stripes, especially monochrome stripes.  I went through a stage of constantly buying stripy tops as I find it a very classic look and one that you can either dress up or down. Paired with a red lip it just finishes that classic look off.
Dark navy denim again is a wardrobe staple for me.  I love them as they are so much more flattering than lighter jeans and make my legs look longer.
I always like to have a little height when shopping, as flats, although comfy, sometimes makes me feel a bit frumpy looking! These wedges from Primark, I was surprised at how comfy they were.  They are a suede material and also came in a navy and red colour - the navy would be brilliant with jeans but I thought the black would be more versatile.

Big Sunglasses- Primark, Purse - Osprey

Big sunnies are a must for me.  The bigger, the better and I've just found that this sort of style suits my face.  I have quite a long face with a high forehead (gosh, that doesn't sound attractive does it?!) so small frames really look quite silly on me.
These great sunglasses from Primark really turn any outfit into a très chic one.

French Connection Watch available through Avon

I recently brought this French Connection watch (below) as my old Citizen watch had finally reached the end of it's life.
It's been a long time since I've worn a leather strap instead of a metal one, but I really liked the patent look and the large face on this one.

My 'vintage' Bloomingdales bag

Instead of using my Louis Vuitton 'NeverFull' handbag, which I usually use for shopping, yesterday I went for my very old (vintage!) Bloomingdales "Medium Brown Bag", which I brought nearly 10 years ago on a trip in NYC.
I love this bag hence why I've held onto it for so long.  Usually my bags get passed onto my sister or mother when I get tired of them, but nope, not this one!
Ever since Carrie in Sex and The City sported one of these all those years ago, this bag still draws admiring glances whenever I use it.  I love the colour too...tans and neutrals never date.

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
Staying with the Sex and The City theme, off duty I always wear this scent.
'Lovely' by SJP is a perfume that I have worn ever since it was released by her.  It is my dressing table staple and I tend to always change my perfumes depending on how I'm feeling that day.
I pick this one, when I'm feeling laid back and relaxed and just want a beautiful classic smell that will last.

The wonder cream - Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
Inside my bag, I always carry a tube of Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream (below).  This is great for dry lips and again was something I always used to use in my flying days.  It has a distinctive smell that brings back many memories! I even use it for taming unruly flyaway baby hairs around my hairline.

It seems I was in good company yesterday with the stripy long sleeved tee, jeans and big sunnies combo...the lovely Kate Middleton was also pictured sporting a similar look! (below)...and as we know, the Duchess of Cambridge never gets its wrong!

I'll be back tomorrow with a review of a new face cream that I'm currently using.

Till then...

Love, Ivy George x
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