The pursuit of...a perfect english rose garden

Part of the beautiful David Austin show garden - Gold Winner

I have finally made it to the Chelsea Flower Show! Yay!
I have been wanting to go to this show for years...always a coveted ticket, the Chelsea show is known for its theatrical, big budget, luxurious and show stopping show gardens and is the pinnacle for all gardeners.
Although I wouldn't call myself by no means an expert gardener, since I brought my first home which has a decent sized back garden, I have been obsessed with creating a little outdoor haven and I have discovered that I have become quite good at it! 
Yesterday was press and members day but it was still absolutely heaving with people when I arrived for my afternoon booking.
I was surprised by the sheer number of people and the size of the event itself - It was huge!
....but it was amazing, a feast for all of your senses...from the strong perfumed scent of Lilies as you walk by, to the big colourful displays of Roses, Peonies, Alliums etc to the textured displays of architecture and garden features....beautiful!

My dream has been to always have a beautiful Rose Garden and in my opinion, David Austin do the best. Traditional, old school roses that look just as you think a rose should look. I already have two David Austin's - 'Anne Boleyn' which is a beautiful soft pale pink and 'Molyneux' which is a gorgeous yellow, but I plan to keep adding to that collection.

Above and Below - David Austin Show Garden

There were also a lot of stands where you could purchase garden accessories and other homeware.
It was very similar to the Ideal Home Show in terms of how it was organised.  There were parts where you could just browse and observe and then separate areas where you could purchase your bits and bobs.
Do note though, that the Chelsea Flower Show isn't the place to buy your flowers and plants - the various different stands take only orders largely and few places sell seeds but no fully formed plants/flowers are for sale.

One brand that I did discover at the show which had nothing to do with Flowers, was
Heyland and Whittle who are purveyors of fine soaps and luxury room fragances.
I think I'm in love....they had a stand with gorgeous natural soaps and fabulous smelling handwashes and lotions. In particular I liked their 'Green Tea and Grapefruit' and their 'Coconut, Vanilla & Blackpepper' hand lotions - so gorgeous! Look out for them if you haven't discovered them already.

All in all, I had a great time at the show, it was everything I imagined, but I can't deny that it was busy and at times it was difficult to get close to any of the show gardens until later on in the evening, but it's to be expected.

Below are some more pictures I took at the show for you to enjoy including the 'Alan Titchmarsh' creation...

Love, Ivy George x

Alan Titchmarsh Garden

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