The pursuit of...long lasting Nail Varnish

Avon Nail Polish Collection
From Left-Right, Lavender Sky (GF), Impulsive Sky, Viva Pink, Opal Top Coat, Real Red, Wine and Dine Me (GF), Roses Are Red (GF), Envy(GF), Red Velvet(GF), Untamed, Fabulous(GF), Mudslide(GF)
*GF-Gel Finish

Hello again beauty and fashion bunnies, hope you are all well...
Today, I thought I would share with you my collection of nail varnishes, which I think currently have the longest staying power.
It is from Avon's Gel Finish range. They are currently in 24 shades and claim to have 5 benefits in 1:

  • Gel-like shine
  • No need for top or base coat
  • Intense colour
  • No UV lamp needed
  • Salon finish
Ok, so yes, it does give a brilliant shine and the darker colours have such great pigment that even after one coat the coverage and colour is great.  However, I have found that I still need to put a top coat on to seal the colour and just stop that shrinkage/pull back that you can get at the edge of the nail.  For me also, it just increases the life time of the shine and gives more of a glossy 'shellac' look that you'd expect from a real 'GEL' manicure.
I have managed to get about four days before I have seen any chips or cracks.  Quite good for a normal nail varnish really.
I am very picky about my nail varnishes and having had my own mobile nail company for a while I have used a variation of different varnishes including OPI, Essie, Jessica and Mavala and I must say that Avon's Gel Finish Range is the best for me,
Now the range of colours they have are pretty impressive too.  They have really got the pastel trend right with a beautiful colour called 'Lavender Sky'. A gorgeous pastel purple which I think looks lovely on any skin tone.
They also have a range called Nailwear pro + which doesn't boast a gel like finish but still has a very good pigment and coverage. My favourites from this are Real Red - a brilliant Pillar Box red colour that is classic and chic and Impulsive Sky - a turquoise pastel blue, perfect for toes in the summer sun.
For me the real Gel Manicure of choice though is CND Shellac. Again, they have a great range and the shine and durability you get from a gel manicure really cannot be beaten.
It's so great to be able to get your manicure done and not have to be extra-extra careful after in case of smudges.  Each coat is 'cured' under the UV Lamp and your manicure is instantly as tough as nails.
Brilliant for holidays when you don't really want to have to keep bothering with touching up your nails....and there is always one bottle of varnish that leaks in your travel bag isn't there!! With Shellac, there is no need to bring any bottles with you at all - Bonus!
I always go for 'Wildfire', again a bright 'London Bus' red.
For me red nails are a classic.  It's always been my go-to colour as I know it will go with any outfit and just makes me feel polished and groomed.
What's your favourite nail colour or brand?
Get in touch and let me know.
Love, Ivy George x

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