The pursuit of...beautiful accessories

(Left)- I'm wearing MAC Viva Glam Lipstick, (Right)- MAC Amplified Crème Girl About Town

My style has always been about the 'details'. I could be wearing a very simple dark jean with a plain white T-Shirt but I will always have a statement bracelet/cuff, rings or dangly earrings to bring the outfit to life.

I never used to like wearing necklaces/chains. I would always buy them, try them on, but always end up taking them off once I did that final check in the mirror before I left the house!
I don't know what it was, but I always felt they never suited me.

Well on a recent shopping trip in Primark stocking up on knickers and pyjama's (as you do!), I stumbled on a huge range of pretty and colourful statement necklaces in their accessories aisles.
I figured that the prices were so reasonable, that it wouldn't be too bad if I brought yet another chain that I did not wear! Plus they were such good quality too that they were hard to resist.
I chose the one above which has lovely turquoise stones in and pretty pastel colours.......and...............
I haven't stopped wearing it!! Yay, I finally found a style that suits me. I think its the collar style that's a winner for me, although I did buy this gold plaited longer chain (below) which I have worn a few times too. Well, it started off as a plait but has unravelled some what, but I think I prefer it this way!

Gold Plait Chain-Primark, Earrings- H&M

Then of course it's the arm candy. I love, love, love bags! A good statement bag can make or break an outfit. Mine are always oversized. I've had this Louis Vuitton 'Never Full' bag for 5 years now and the tan edging has aged beautifully. The bag itself looks as though I just brought it yesterday even though I no longer store it in the dust bag it came with....and that's the great thing about the luxury brands, you get what you pay for and one of them is longevity.

A great bag and a good pair of sunglasses that suit your face shape can be just the final touch you need to a simple dress or casual outfit.

Zara dress and Sunglasses, Louis Vuitton 'Never Full' bag

I have also started to collect lots of purses and clutch bags in bright colours- again, a cute statement purse, whether its embellished or just a bright punchy colour can complete an outfit.
I love this mustard yellow purse I brought from Pull & Bear last year.  It is such a beautiful colour and texture that I often used it as a clutch bag on evenings out (below).

Purse from Pull & Bear

Then finally, it's the shoe...I used to go mad for shoes and have boxes upon boxes of Kurt Geiger or Moda in Pelle, but now I would rather spend my money on a good bag and spend modestly on shoes.
However, I love a bargain and TK Maxx has often been the place for a surprise designer shoe find.
I was queen of the round toe courts for a while but now I have gone back to my old favourite points.
I love a pointy toe, especially if there's a chance for some toe cleavage chic and subtly sexy!
Patent and deep red are a good choice for me- these burgundy/wine patents I found in Hong Kong last November and instantly fell in love with were 250HKD which is approx. £25-bargain! I came home and this style and colour were everywhere including Ted Baker and Clarkes for over £70!

Burgundy Patent Stiletto Points- Boutique, Hong Kong

These Hot pink Suede points are gorgeous too from TopShop - I purchased them in their sale but they have received many a compliment as they are so striking.

Hot Pink Shoes - TopShop

So that's my head to toe of accessories.

Let me know what you think...

Love, Ivy George x 

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